November 30, 2008

And Then It All Kind of Fell Apart...

I've had a rough couple of days (we all do, right?), as the Thanksgiving holiday served to be a test of my portion control - and I failed... miserably.

This was the first year my partner, Erik, and I didn't visit our families. We have some extended family in our new city, but we hadn't heard from them in awhile, and weren't expecting an invitation. And most of our immediate family is down in southern California. We didn't really want to treat Thanksgiving like any other day, because we wanted to be festive and all that, but neither of us ever had any hand in the Thanksgiving preparations, food or otherwise, so we had some work ahead of us.

I basically went from knowing NOTHING to: 1) roasting a whole turkey breast, 2) making delicious stuffing with celery and apples, and 3) making candied yams that Erik said were the best ever (I'll have to trust him on that - I never had yams and only had a bite of his this time). I had made the mashed potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin pie before, but those were in the mix as well. (I even liveblogged the entire day with photos on Flickr -- warning, these are of food, mainly!)

It was a HUGE day. I was on my feet, barefoot in the kitchen, all day - and oh, how my feet were sore afterwards!! I was so proud of how the meal took shape - it was just like the food I remember eating growing up, and as food is an emotional, comfort thing for me, I was in heaven...

And I completely ignored any semblance of portion control. I filled a plate with turkey (white meat, of course), large heaps of stuffing and mashed potatoes, green beans, a crescent roll, and about two tablespoons of gravy (not bad on the gravy, actually). And afterwards, I had a slice (okay, maybe two) of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream. My only saving grace was that I made the pie with nonfat condensed milk, and chose the lite whipped cream.

All in all, not a horrible night. All the work I had done, toiling in the kitchen, helped to offset the gluttony. The problem is, the gluttony didn't stop when the clock struck midnight. No, on Friday I had pumpkin pie for breakfast, and an insanely yummy turkey sandwich at lunch (with whole grain bread and lite mayo, sure, but I went and screwed it up with stuffing on the side!), and then dinner was MORE turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy... and then I had another go around with the pie. And another.

I was feeling pretty bad by Friday night. My weekly Weigh-in is early on Saturday morning, and I was dreading it. A little after 1am, I decided I was not going to go - a mixture of embarrassment with just not wanting to go in that early. But I tempered that with a resolve to put the last two days behind me, and keep on trudging. So Saturday, I was back with a vengeance - counting my points, drinking my water, making Erik eat the last of the turkey, stuffing and pie.

I have no idea where my weight is in relation to last week. Am I up? Am I down? Well, my curiosity will have to wait until next Saturday. All I can do now is take each day until then, one day at a time.

Posted by weezgrrl at November 30, 2008 07:59 PM