September 10, 2005

Today was a relaxation day... mandatory relaxation day. We woke up late, and Erik wasn't feeling so hot. Once he was feeling a bit better, I wasn't feeling so hot, so we decided to stay in and order room service, while listening to the thunder and rain going on outside, and watching cricket on the tele. (I'm so British now!)

We managed to break away from the hotel in the early evening to trek over to Rachel and Ben's flat over in Putney. There we received a very warm reception, including a fantastic meal of chicken curry (mmm, the green thai curry!) while watching the lightning strike every few minutes nearby - followed by a walk down to their nearest pub, The Arab Boy. I had a lemonade. I am so punk rock.

It was really a fun, laid-back evening. Ben and Rachel were fantastic hosts, and it was just really nice to sit and chat with friends for a few hours. Rach, next time you're stateside, Erik and I insist upon treating you and Ben to dinner and drinks as well.

posted by Julie at 04:23 PM

Ben and I had a really nice evening with the two of you as well! We will definitely have to get together when we're in L.A. again. Your boyfriend is very nice, it was such a pleasure to meet him. I think he's a keeper (Not a goalkeeper, mind, but someone who is good to keep around because they are great!)

commented Rachel at September 12, 2005 11:33 AM

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