March 2009

       day 25    Pondering a Format Change

February 2009

       day 27    Canon 5D Mark II HD Video Samples
       day 26    Fun with Lightroom
       day 25    Barnes and Not-So-Noble
       day 19    Irresponsible
       day 16    Funny (to me, at least) Morning Anecdote
       day 15    Favorite Quotes for Today
       day 11    Identity Crisis
       day 10    Messing Around

December 2008

       day 30    CameraBag Pics Update
       day 21    New Photography Toy

November 2008

       day 27    Liveblogging Thanksgiving
       day 20    How I've Been Spending My Time
       day 01    Adrift

October 2008

       day 09    Video Link: "Puppy Love"
       day 07    The Awesomeness:
       day 06    Home Sick

September 2008

       day 30    An Obsession in Full-Swing
       day 23    Long Time No See!

June 2008

       day 30    The Haps
       day 04    Might as well spill the beans

April 2008

       day 01    Random Credit Scoring Rant

March 2008

       day 17    Best Video Ever?
       day 12    Limping Into the Latter Half of the First Decade of the 21st Century

February 2008

       day 27    In case you're wondering...

November 2007

       day 20    What Is That?!?
       day 06    To Buy or Not To Buy

October 2007

       day 31    Tinges of Excitement
       day 29    Cooking and Decorating Nonsense
       day 18    This and That
       day 03    Hole-y Pockets

September 2007

       day 27    Flagpole Whatta?
       day 14    NY Times' David Pogue on the Bizarre World of Paying for Ringtones
       day 13    And Now for the Bad News...
       day 06    Blah, Blah, Blah... Another Boring Move Update

August 2007

       day 25    I'm Liking It
       day 13    That New-Job Exhaustion
       day 08    Moving Along Towards Settlement
       day 04    What a Week!

July 2007

       day 26    Highlights (and a Few Token Low-Points) of the Road Trip to Seattle

June 2007

       day 28    happy blah blah to me
       day 27    Moving Update Number 7-Hundred-Something
       day 26    Rates For the iPhone Announced
       day 18    Detail-Oriented
       day 18    Weekend With Some of the Deadly Sins
       day 07    This Is How They'll Get My Money
       day 07    Scattered Much?
       day 05    Photo of the Moment: Poppies
       day 04    Totem Animal of the Day
       day 01    15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was The Best Neighbor Ever

May 2007

       day 31    The Troublemaker
       day 24    The Master
       day 22    Yet Another Thing To Go Crazy Over
       day 18    An Early Mid-Life Crisis
       day 16    Amazon to Offer DRM-Free Music Downloads
       day 15    Tab Energy: Don't Do It!
       day 15    Family Blogging
       day 07    Book Review: "The Road"
       day 01    Don't Make Me Be Mean

April 2007

       day 30    Starstruck
       day 27    What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?
       day 23    Losing It
       day 21    The Evolution of Mealtimes
       day 20    "The Landlord"
       day 19    All I Have To Say About the Killings At Virginia Tech...
       day 11    Bjork Volta Podcast - Part 1
       day 10    The Countdown Has Begun
       day 05    No More Dieting For Me!
       day 04    Trying To Maintain a Positive Outlook
       day 03    Whoring Out My Wares - Part 1
       day 03    Alanis Morissette Does "My Humps"
       day 02    All in a Tizzy

March 2007

       day 30    Fire Near the Lot
       day 30    What Boredom Brings
       day 27    Oh My Goodness, How Did I Forget?
       day 26    Full Four-Day Weekend
       day 22    Too Much Excitement Makes Me Tired
       day 21    The Weekend Is Almost Here (For Me)
       day 20    Wii Sports Golf is Really Funny
       day 19    Yes, I'm Still Sore
       day 19    The Arrow of Time
       day 18    Oh, The Soreness!
       day 17    Oh, The Sweating!
       day 17    Packing - No, Wait - Tossing
       day 16    Rush Order Fever
       day 13    MP3 of the Day: "Waiting on You" by Weezer
       day 13    50 States in One Week
       day 12    Where Do I Start?
       day 09    Come In / Go Away
       day 08    Reduced Waiting Time
       day 08    Let's Not Try So Hard, Shall We?
       day 07    Little Voice and Big News

February 2007

       day 26    Crime + Punishment
       day 20    Hypothetical Conversation Between Björk and Diddy
       day 16    A Glimpse of Good-Natured Humanity
       day 15    "Shots Fired. I Repeat: Shots Fired."
       day 12    Wish I Had Gone To University
       day 08    Cute Doggies Galore
       day 08    Reliving the Magic That Was Puppy Bowl III
       day 07    Happy Birthday, Erik!
       day 06    Special Delivery!
       day 05    The Beaver Trilogy
       day 05    Bad Things Happen to Children and Those Who Really, Really Want Them

January 2007

       day 18    The Excitement is Making My Head Hurt
       day 16    "The Devil's Teeth: A True Story of Obsession and Survival Among America's Great White Sharks"
       day 15    "Crank"
       day 14    MP3 of the Day: "The Tourist" by Radiohead
       day 14    Old Spice Commercial featuring Bruce Campbell
       day 13    So Glad Our Heater Is Finally Working
       day 12    iTunes to Offer Short Films from Sundance
       day 12    "Rabbit Fur Coat" by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
       day 12    Design Changes
       day 11    Becks is Coming to L.A.
       day 10    Cisco Sues Apple over the Name "iPhone"
       day 09    Some Personal Thoughts on the iPhone
       day 08    Arrrrrrgh! - The Saga Continues
       day 06    We Are So Famous
       day 06    Arrrrrrgh!
       day 04    MP3 of the Day: "Title & Registration" by Death Cab For Cutie
       day 04    Spending Money Makes Me Feel Good About Myself
       day 03    "Crappy Sound Forever!" - link to David Byrne blog
       day 01    So this is the New Year
       day 01    MP3 of the Day: "The New Year" by Death Cab for Cutie

December 2006

       day 30    MP3 of the Day: "Fuck Them Bitches" by Kelis
       day 30    Sweet Revenge
       day 30    Carputer - Intel Mac Mini in A Subaru
       day 29    {{long, cleansing exhale}}
       day 26    Misadventures in Puppysitting
       day 22    A Christmas Miracle
       day 22    Bah Humbug.
       day 22    Keeping Myself Entertained
       day 22    MP3 of the Day: "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" by Bing Crosby
       day 21    MP3 of the Day: "Valley Winter Song" by Fountains of Wayne
       day 20    MP3 of the Day: "It's Christmas! Let's Be Glad" by Sufjan Stevens
       day 19    Richard Dawkins Speaks with Schoolchildren about Santa Claus
       day 18    MP3 of the Day: "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by Pedro the Lion
       day 15    "Christmas Comes But Once A Year"
       day 14    "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Performed by the Cast of "Scrubs"
       day 14    Brick
       day 14    Lunchtime Celebrity Sighting
       day 14    Believing the Hype
       day 14    That Old Creative Spark
       day 13    please stand by
       day 13    christmas time is here. happiness and cheer.

November 2006

       day 10    Stranger Than Delusion
       day 07    Beat down and exhausted

October 2006

       day 21    A Wii Adventure
       day 19    The Stingray War Has Begun
       day 10    On Not Bringing My Camera To Work
       day 06    Fantastic Insults of Days Gone By
       day 05    The Incredibles
       day 05    Running with Scissors

September 2006

       day 29    Mr. CityMen
       day 26    Runkledyne Danger
       day 25    David Bowie on Gervais' "Extras"
       day 22    Podcast Crazy!
       day 21    The Handmaid's Tale
       day 21    Back from Mammoth
       day 21    "Oh No" - OK Go
       day 21    Kicking and Screaming
       day 15    "Pointer" - Addicting Game
       day 15    A Real Bionic Woman
       day 15    Ridiculously Itchy
       day 11    Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Bjork
       day 11    Doing more with my money
       day 08    OK Go! "Here It Goes Again"
       day 08    Some remembrances from Toronto
       day 06    Monkey See, Monkey Do
       day 05    Misfortune?
       day 05    Little Miss Sunshine
       day 05    Weekend Jaunt to the Grand Canyon - After the Fact
       day 03    Weekend Jaunt to the Grand Canyon - Day 2
       day 02    Weekend Jaunt to the Grand Canyon - Day 1
       day 01    Crazy Grand Canyon Jumper
       day 01    dum dee dum
       day 01    Archives

August 2006

       day 31    So Fresh and So Clean
       day 31    House Values from the 1890's through Today
       day 30    Electric MINI !!
       day 29    jiffy lube is scamming people!
       day 29    lady in the water
       day 29    "Plans" - Death Cab for Cutie
       day 29    Resurrection

May 2006

       day 14    If Al Gore Was President
       day 13    Thom Yorke's "The Eraser"
       day 13    Robin Williams Plays "Spore"
       day 13    Puppy vs. Cat
       day 12    the heartbreak of lost music
       day 12    Radiohead performing "Arpeggi"
       day 10    Another Ridiculous Obsession

April 2006

       day 24    American Express Commercial from Wes Anderson
       day 20    today, on a very special episode of "lack of style"...
       day 19    i can do it. meh.
       day 14    waiting for the day to be over
       day 04    marginally alive, not so well

March 2006

       day 31    warpath
       day 30    randomness
       day 27    she wants revenge
       day 21    send me an odeo!
       day 21    this and that
       day 15    Shooting forward
       day 08    grandpa
       day 06    Natalie Portman: Gangsta Rapper
       day 01    "Storycorps" Danny and Annie Perasa

February 2006

       day 27    I have a hobby!
       day 24    current obsession: canon digital rebel xt 350D
       day 22    lucky bitch
       day 20    The Marimba Ponies!
       day 17    uh oh, she's back to complain about something trite
       day 13    weekends make my world go round
       day 02    the agony of ambition
       day 02    am i right?

January 2006

       day 27    severe intestinal discomfort
       day 25    little successes
       day 23    Model World - photos
       day 23    treadmills are my friends
       day 20    illinoise - sufjan stevens
       day 20    the constant gardener
       day 20    Winning Is Fun and Easy
       day 12    these goddamned shoes
       day 10    A Selection from GWB's Eavesdropping Tapes
       day 10    Google Earth D'L now available for the Mac
       day 06    Humorous Maury Povich Screenshot
       day 06    Apple's Foray into Plasma HDTVs?
       day 05    assholery in effect
       day 04    coachella - the film
       day 04    The Scariest Dog Ever
       day 03    self-referential sign

December 2005

       day 30    because i'm a cheap bastard
       day 28    meh!
       day 27    peaks and perils of the holiday season
       day 23    'tis the season to be productive?
       day 22    swimming to antarctica
       day 22    Xmas Bounty
       day 16    okay, it's working already!
       day 15    Cute Overload!
       day 14    showtime may rescue "arrested development"
       day 13    king kong
       day 13    projects
       day 08    houseblingers
       day 08    Google Transit in Beta
       day 08    fa-la-la-la-la la la la laaaa
       day 07    bad things happen when i'm left to my own devices
       day 06    the rule of four
       day 06    strange and beautiful - aqualung
       day 06    a lot like love
       day 06    one year
       day 05    blingo!
       day 05    ferrari through paris
       day 05    signed, dorkus malorkus
       day 02    shaun of the dead knitted dolls
       day 02    ricky gervais podcasts
       day 02    a year ago today
       day 01    assassin

November 2005

       day 30    Top 50 Indie Films
       day 29    mrs. julie wiggum - that's hot.
       day 28    life is good
       day 23    thanksgiving of years passed
       day 22    Flickr: Evil Twins pool
       day 21    holiday spirit
       day 16    intentionally vague
       day 14    on being a big baby
       day 09    $$$
       day 09    i'm a genius!
       day 08    drill this, you bastards!
       day 03    last days
       day 02    nationalities irrationalities
       day 01    faster, juliecat, kill, kill, kill!

October 2005

       day 31    rockin' the kasbah
       day 26    lazybone jules
       day 19    Aperture
       day 17    rainy days
       day 17    respray required
       day 13    do they know it's hallowe'en
       day 13    how things are
       day 10    serenity
       day 10    humans
       day 05    Dolphins Sing Batman Theme
       day 05    Flickr Link: Cappuccino
       day 05    Play memry
       day 05    Worst Mixtape Ever
       day 03    heartbreak
       day 03    "Yyyyeahhh, I feel grrrreat!"

September 2005

       day 29    My 15 Minutes
       day 29    Alternate Trailer for "The Shining"
       day 29    Hades Valley
       day 28    what kind of settlement would a monkey bite fetch me?
       day 28    Puppy, Owner Reunited
       day 28    Flickr Link: Darth Mao
       day 28    Stewie Live
       day 28    astrology is a sham
       day 27    muppets stamps
       day 27    teenagers are lame
       day 27    achilles heel - pedro the lion
       day 27    Giant Squid!
       day 27    Flickr Link: holding onto the sun
       day 26    More photos uploaded
       day 26    snow crash
       day 26    corpse bride
       day 26    to do
       day 22    excitement headache
       day 21    Comments... again
       day 21    stress
       day 19    how many hours until lunch?
       day 19    so it begins again
       day 16    Comments
       day 15    BACK!
       day 04    Bad Hair Day/Week/Month/Life
       day 03    London 2005 goes Online
       day 02    Upgrade Successful
       day 01    my god, where is their aid??

August 2005

       day 31    the first day of school
       day 30    i need some frickin' customer service over here, please!
       day 26    morning traffic
       day 25    teh sick, still
       day 22    photos added
       day 22    teh sick
       day 21    disneyland!
       day 19    death by caffeine
       day 19    hold on tight!
       day 18    swim free, fishies!
       day 15    downfall
       day 12    maybe it's not "PHYSICAL" therapy that I need...
       day 09    random thought
       day 08    hominids
       day 08    the dark ages
       day 05    my dog is tom cruise
       day 05    at an impasse
       day 04    tragedy strikes
       day 02    random desire
       day 02    google logo maker
       day 02    a very disturbing trend
       day 01    learning to live with it

July 2005

       day 29    blind 17-yr-old pwnz at video games
       day 27    alfie
       day 26    some developments
       day 22    that's it, i'm leaving!
       day 21    how old my dad is
       day 21    random stuff
       day 21    the wonders of credit
       day 11    falling forward
       day 07    over the top
       day 07    weezer - make believe
       day 07    complaint alert

June 2005

       day 30    jury duty
       day 29    jesus, am i really thirty?!?
       day 28    happy birthday!!! your life is over!!!
       day 16    this coffee is not helping
       day 14    i just totally fell asleep at my desk
       day 14    gorillaz - demon days
       day 13    getting things done
       day 09    guinness for beginners
       day 09    bright light! bright light!
       day 07    i want to run screaming from the building
       day 06    only 13 weeks away...
       day 02    Darth Vader Reads Minds
       day 02    mallophobia

May 2005

       day 30    i have returned
       day 26    it's so on
       day 25    lenticular clouds in missouri
       day 24    kitten war!
       day 24    hungry spider
       day 23    it stops here
       day 23    memorial day ideas
       day 23    feeling guilty
       day 20    crying while eating
       day 19    gorillaz itunes celebrity playlist
       day 19    google offering home pages
       day 19    *exhale*
       day 17    totally freaking out
       day 17    back on track
       day 15    not fun at all.
       day 12    extinct "tasmanian tiger" footage
       day 11    50 cool things about disneyland
       day 11    king tut's senior picture
       day 11    guess whose MINI turned 10,000 miles old today?
       day 11    wonder showzen pilot
       day 10    nothing better
       day 09    new iPod advert/gorillaz
       day 06    hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
       day 06    cryptonomicon
       day 06    give up - the postal service
       day 06    google-driving
       day 06    stream the new weezer
       day 05    it's a mat, with conclusions, that you can jump to
       day 03    issues with the cat

April 2005

       day 28    the daily quandry
       day 27    why geeks and nerds are worth it
       day 21    ...and a vacation i shall have
       day 18    i need a vacation
       day 15    scientific conference falls for gibberish prank
       day 14    a million miles per second (please don't let it stop!)
       day 13    the genographic project
       day 12    tiger to be released on april 29th!
       day 07    creepy-ass robot head
       day 07    google maps satellite view/real world mix
       day 07    25 fave sesame street moments
       day 06    dirty tales of a blue shirt
       day 04    a weekend at the office

March 2005

       day 31    pjp i i
       day 30    longest palindrome ever
       day 30    attack of the butterflies
       day 28    boooooooooooooring
       day 26    miss congeniality 2: armed & fabulous
       day 25    W007!
       day 24    70-million-yr.-old t-rex soft tissue
       day 22    word to the wise
       day 18    "old habits die hard"
       day 17    an open apology to anyone bothered by my sunglasses
       day 15    monterey report
       day 14    i heart bjork (guardian article)
       day 14    happy pi day
       day 11    Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" to be released in April
       day 11    monterey!
       day 11    older siblings smarter
       day 10    breakthrough!
       day 09    fair warning
       day 09    cannot. remember. movie!
       day 04    electric blue haze
       day 03    IN VEGAS!
       day 03    secret worlds: the universel within
       day 02    modesty (don't ask)
       day 01    big whiny, shaky baby: episode II
       day 01    artists break with industry over file sharing
       day 01    the aviator
       day 01    countdown to vegas

February 2005

       day 25    fridays suck
       day 22    shameless solicitation
       day 20    python programming for the absolute beginner
       day 20    the miseducation of lauryn hill
       day 20    the pounding rain
       day 20    constantine
       day 20    "A Scanner Darkly" Trailer Online
       day 17    tonight...
       day 16    NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars
       day 14    lack of style in gizoogle
       day 13    realish-time grammy wrap-up
       day 13    the diary of alicia keys
       day 13    if you mixed the gene pools of timberlake & federline (shudder), you'd get...
       day 13    god and evolution
       day 13    troy
       day 12    something else to obsess about
       day 11    Dozens of casualties as shoppers storm IKEA
       day 09    this is the one wherein i complain about gwb
       day 08    they're spamming my trackbacks!
       day 08    The Gigapxl Project
       day 07    ocean's twelve
       day 05    sideways
       day 04    Everyday objects shot with a .22
       day 03    a life poster of my very own
       day 03    Rivals "Hope" to Sink IPod With Rented Music
       day 02    Why Apple Is Bad For The Youth Of America
       day 02    moby's op. on creation vs. evolution
       day 02    hide your ipod, here comes bill

January 2005

       day 31    new york times link generator
       day 31    life-poster
       day 30    Basic Cryptanalysis
       day 30    Favicon!
       day 29    somebody stop me
       day 29    bjork - all is full of love
       day 29    white noise
       day 23    Johnny Carson 1925-2005
       day 20    Mac Mini in your MINI?
       day 20    not a good start to the day
       day 15    sickness sucks
       day 04    sure, it could be worse, but...

December 2004

       day 30    American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund
       day 28    talking in a cubicle wonderland
       day 27    post-xmas update
       day 23    close call?
       day 23    drowsy
       day 23    Pulp Fiction Xmas
       day 21    Non-MINI related post... I swear.
       day 19    Finger-skating to Peaches' "Rock Show"
       day 19    central coast jaunt
       day 17    anne frank apartment to become writers' residence
       day 16    pick me a printer!
       day 16    random thought of the day
       day 14    (insanely long) account of my MINI's first day trip
       day 14    Gadsby - lipogram
       day 14    hit the wall
       day 13    closer
       day 11    waiting room
       day 10    wal-mart sued for stocking evanescence cd
       day 10    eiffel tower skating rink
       day 09    charlie and chocolate factory!
       day 09    where do all the matts go?
       day 09    daft punk - discovery
       day 09    shrek 2
       day 09    christmas card
       day 08    baby's first pics
       day 08    5 reasons i heart my job
       day 07    first impressions
       day 07    Bliss.
       day 05    too darned cute
       day 05    house of flying daggers
       day 05    what are you?
       day 04    i bought one!
       day 03    damn.
       day 02    my precious!
       day 02    useless MINI update (and rant)
       day 01    rainbow plucking orgy
       day 01    lindsay lohan gives thanks

November 2004

       day 30    brb, i gotta floss
       day 30    "old faithful" by david sedaris
       day 29    kid robot l.a. store open
       day 28    overexposed much?
       day 27    collected stories of greg bear
       day 27    a very long engagement
       day 26    D OUOSVAVV M
       day 25    trippin' on tryptophane
       day 25    thankful?
       day 24    rufus wainwright - want one
       day 24    zoolander
       day 24    new bjork video
       day 24    css column hell heaven
       day 22    something else to look forward to
       day 18    desperate lot
       day 17    too. much. caffeine!!
       day 15    got holes, in pocket...
       day 13    the mall
       day 11    getting closer
       day 05    this just in!
       day 05    tick, tock, tick, tock
       day 04    if it is, i don't want to be right...
       day 02    can't watch anymore

October 2004

       day 29    dog calls 911, saves owner
       day 27    ashlee simpson ipod
       day 27    download "fahrenheit 9/11" here
       day 27    richards to play depp's father
       day 26    new iPod Photo
       day 26    john peel dies
       day 26    getting better
       day 26    johnny depp as willy wonka
       day 26    give bush a brain game
       day 25    i heart huckabees
       day 24    "the office" christmas special
       day 24    netflix lowers pricing
       day 24    mongolian surnames
       day 24    ouch, it hurts! make it stop!
       day 23    very merry unauthorized children's scientology pageant
       day 23    starving artist
       day 22    reason #1...
       day 22    bush signs corporate tax cut bill
       day 22    sick.
       day 21    fake ipod
       day 21    going upriver available online
       day 20    stop... hurting... america
       day 20    the real inspector hound
       day 20    not nick nolte's diary
       day 20    leta speaks!
       day 20    hello hello! i'm at a place called "vertigo"
       day 19    ikea lamp commercial
       day 19    sinclair fires employee
       day 19    tommy lee plays the tenors
       day 19    shaun of the dead
       day 19    am i really still up?
       day 19    bjork - who is it release
       day 19    without a doubt - faith based presidency
       day 18    dizzy
       day 18    back to work
       day 15    here comes your weekend
       day 13    same old stuff
       day 07    xiii
       day 05    why cheney lost
       day 01    bloody good news!
       day 01    bloody hell

September 2004

       day 30    paycheck
       day 20    still alive
       day 17    ready, set, go..?
       day 15    barbarian invasions
       day 15    ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
       day 13    moving sucks
       day 09    the tide turns
       day 06    bjork - medúlla
       day 06    underworld
       day 06    big, whiny, shaky baby
       day 03    regularly-scheduled programming shall resume soon...

August 2004

       day 20    a few links, or, why all is bad in the world
       day 07    a post about nothing... oh wait, well, except that i'm ill

July 2004

       day 28    if you haven't already...
       day 22    new hobby
       day 13    organizing
       day 09    bush's military records
       day 09    why am i still up?
       day 08    outrage fatigue
       day 08    wacky emotional destructive follower
       day 07    doesn't everybody hate "art guy"?
       day 07    dress your family in corduroy and denim
       day 07    city of god
       day 07    excellent

June 2004

       day 30    touching the void
       day 30    surfer rosa - the pixies
       day 28    photoblog!
       day 28    mac os 10.4 "tiger"
       day 28    29
       day 21    one more reason to get a mini...
       day 21    goin' back to school?
       day 17    franz ferdinand - franz ferdinand
       day 17    beyond borders
       day 16    the road, slightly obscured
       day 15    sbc (not the phone company)
       day 11    win a date with tad hamilton
       day 11    counting down the hours...
       day 10    r.i.p., ray
       day 08    idaho?
       day 07    airport express
       day 07    broke / potter / hair

May 2004

       day 27    it has been decided...
       day 26    anti-bush adventure game
       day 25    free!
       day 24    (cue "olympic fanfare and theme" music now)
       day 24    warning: blatant anthropomorphization ahead
       day 21    so tired
       day 21    master and commander
       day 17    dr. pepper slurpee, anyone?
       day 14    t-minus 2 hours and 51 minutes
       day 13    bored out of my gourd
       day 11    a little nudge

April 2004

       day 30    a tad belated, but...
       day 28    could i be sweating any more?
       day 26    obsessed!
       day 19    not much news
       day 07    i think i'll pass for now, thanks
       day 03    the gunslinger
       day 03    anti-Bush haiku
       day 01    blogrolling = m.i.a.

March 2004

       day 31    don't look at me
       day 26    my ideal l.a.
       day 24    this won't go over well
       day 23    lord of the flies
       day 23    connie and carla
       day 23    fever to tell - the yeah yeahs
       day 23    yoanna wins!
       day 23    oh god, please, make it stop!
       day 22    i'm right... no, I'M right...
       day 19    a twist with a twist
       day 16    the o'franken factor!
       day 08    leo carrillo state beach - 03.06.04
       day 08    but what if it WASN'T a hoax!!
       day 05    shock and awe
       day 04    the 14-yr old boy in me coming out

February 2004

       day 24    i see need a trip in my future
       day 20    bugger, bugger, bugger!
       day 13    he can have 'em
       day 11    making it official
       day 09    digital fortress
       day 09    gerry
       day 09    cousin anna
       day 05    battle for dean
       day 04    rie: the update
       day 02    rie

January 2004

       day 31    being john malkovich
       day 31    songs for the deaf - q.o.t.s.a.
       day 30    shameless whining: first post of 2004
       day 30    howard dean on rollingstone

December 2003

       day 31    have a mr. clean new year
       day 30    the misfits
       day 30    björk: vespertine
       day 30    coldplay: live 2003
       day 30    i am going to die
       day 22    tidbits
       day 17    london calling
       day 11    the best news i've heard all year!
       day 08    dun-dun-dunnnn!
       day 03    slacker
       day 01    this word is funny

November 2003

       day 17    there is a god

October 2003

       day 15    intolerable cruelty
       day 13    absenteeism
       day 07    gentle reminder

September 2003

       day 26    green garage
       day 23    i got a job!
       day 23    freaky... but awesome
       day 22    arrrrghhh!
       day 22    radiohead+10yr.olds=priceless
       day 22    in this world
       day 22    ok, ok already... i'm a bright
       day 21    comfy
       day 19    isabel v. brian williams
       day 18    rooney: rooney
       day 17    i am SO peeing my pants right now
       day 16    this is going to make you freak
       day 16    okay, I have some issues with this study
       day 16    the great unraveling
       day 16    crass: the feeding of the 5000
       day 16    björk: royal opera house
       day 16    just a bit of luscious fun

August 2003

       day 06    blah blah blah

July 2003

       day 10    sideways james
       day 08    geetar
       day 03    morro bay

June 2003

       day 30    needless update
       day 20    I'M BACK!! (i think)
       day 12    the pianist
       day 09    shut up, you fucking baby!
       day 09    fork's-eye view
       day 09    forwards and then backwards again
       day 07    time for a change?
       day 06    so much for "and justice for all"
       day 06    VERY close to seeing it all
       day 06    blog of the day... way, way late
       day 06    mtv movie awards
       day 06    gettin' in on the ground level
       day 04    let them eat cake
       day 04    the golden ratio
       day 04    secretary
       day 04    talk to her - soundtrack
       day 04    james is a weird cat
       day 04    i've got to get out of the house

May 2003

       day 17    not much going on here
       day 10    the end of something
       day 09    count chocula?
       day 09    loser with a capital "L"
       day 08    "up" for theme thursday
       day 07    blue carpet
       day 07    the return (sort of) of salam pax
       day 07    mayday! mayday!
       day 07    i'd still rather have a minicooper
       day 07    apple music store
       day 06    i love blue
       day 06    28mm - may 2003
       day 06    mr. show - seasons 1 & 2
       day 06    blasphemy!
       day 05    true love waits for no one
       day 05    winged migration
       day 05    the stone reader
       day 05    darwin's radio
       day 05    "small" - photo friday
       day 04    the life of pi
       day 02    my very first photoshop trick!
       day 02    can I go home now?
       day 02    stupidest idea ever
       day 02    girls just want to have fun
       day 01    the belomo vilia
       day 01    theme thursday - "music"
       day 01    i'm astounded.
       day 01    amélie
       day 01    will this be covered by my HMO?

April 2003

       day 30    hail to the thief - leak
       day 30    whew! another night spent with my good pal, code...
       day 30    a mighty wind
       day 30    8 women
       day 30    the matrix
       day 30    the little prince
       day 30    the da vinci code
       day 30    a not-so-mighty evening
       day 30    welcome to the 21st century, sprint!
       day 30    personal note...
       day 29    Robbins article
       day 29    chicken legs
       day 28    new iPods...
       day 28    boring monday
       day 28    "hey don't take my picture!" - matt
       day 28    photojunkie=back online!
       day 25    "last" this or that
       day 25    shadow
       day 25    getting better
       day 25    waste
       day 24    things are coming along....
       day 23    (sigh.....)
       day 22    this is another test
       day 22    very first entry
       day 21    ...transition...
       day 17    Toy Chicken
       day 15    blue sky + cloud = nice
       day 14    Annoying Your Co-Worker
       day 11    Photo Friday - Skin
       day 10    L.A. Subway Tiles, #1
       day 09    i am always inside
       day 08    Spring Flower
       day 07    My Weekend Felt Grey
       day 04    Super-Cool Schwag
       day 03    Board
       day 02    Matt Mosh

March 2003

       day 27    Tunnel Vision
       day 27    Re-design Warning
       day 25    First G3 Shot
       day 24    Movable Type?
       day 21    This Time Last Year
       day 21    i've had it!
       day 21    Perverse Title
       day 18    Random Wish
       day 18    Canon PowerShot G3
       day 18    Grey Expectations
       day 14    Headache
       day 14    Brave Little Toaster
       day 13    Protect Me From What I Want
       day 12    What's The Big Idea?
       day 10    Feeling Irrelevant
       day 05    Milk With Attitude
       day 04    I Know How to Party
       day 03    More Random Bits

February 2003

       day 27    Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
       day 20    Nothing Good Ever Comes out of Florida
       day 19    Very Scary
       day 19    Camera Obsession
       day 17    Holga!
       day 17    Sucker for a Well-Made Ad
       day 14    No New Ideas?
       day 11    Brrrr!
       day 06    Long Live Andy Serkis
       day 06    Get Out of My Head!
       day 04    Awesome DVD Set
       day 04    BOTD
       day 02    Where Are They From?
       day 02    At Home By Myself

January 2003

       day 31    9 Reasons
       day 28    Stand Up!
       day 27    Nice Try, Phillip Morris!
       day 27    About A Boy & Medal of Honor - Reviews
       day 23    R.I.P. Nell Carter
       day 23    "A Child's Work"
       day 22    Harold Pinter Poem
       day 22    Image of the Moment
       day 22    So Bored
       day 20    North Shore on DVD
       day 11    Naughty Girl
       day 09    Color of My Dreams
       day 03    Los Angeles: June 2002
       day 02    I Love the 80's, Too!
       day 02    365 Days
       day 01    Anti-Smoking Rant

December 2002

       day 30    pussy cow
       day 30    Vive le Résolution!
       day 27    Ron Mueck
       day 26    R.I.P. Herb Ritts
       day 26    Goldmine!
       day 25    Happy Christmas
       day 23    Gingerbread Latte
       day 23    O Holy Crap This is Funny
       day 19    Feeling Weird
       day 17    Random bits
       day 12    Ugh
       day 11    The 14 Days of Xmas
       day 04    Another Capture
       day 03    Satellite Images as Art
       day 03    Central Cali Capture
       day 02    Quick Check-In

November 2002

       day 14    sorry
       day 05    A True Patriot?

October 2002

       day 31    IRIS review
       day 29    Bjork Update
       day 29    Not going well for Winona
       day 28    'Tis the Season
       day 25    Madonna Stole my Car
       day 25    RPS via ICQ
       day 24    Kurt Cobain's Journals Being Published
       day 23    Best Review Ever
       day 23    Black People Love Us
       day 23    To See or Not To See
       day 23    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
       day 22    Too Busy to Blog
       day 10    Exciting Updates
       day 04    Google Fight!
       day 04    Friday Five
       day 04    Public Radio
       day 04    A gift for you
       day 02    Not thinking again

September 2002

       day 28    Diversions
       day 28    Come On!
       day 28    Sunset View
       day 27    Friday Five
       day 26    Lomo
       day 25    Brilliant IKEA Commercial
       day 24    Totem Animal
       day 23    Sing-along
       day 21    Signs?
       day 21    Cabin Fever
       day 20    Friday Five
       day 20    Random
       day 18    Eureka!
       day 17    I <3 Bjork
       day 16    Me=Poor
       day 14    Boring Saturday
       day 14    First Inbound Link
       day 13    Portrait of a Father-Daughter Relationship
       day 13    Friday Five
       day 11    New Sarah Vowell
       day 07    Waste My Days
       day 06    First Friday Five
       day 06    Space-Related Myths
       day 06    More links
       day 06    Pre-date
       day 05    New Photos Page
       day 04    The Distillers
       day 02    The Importance of Being Flossy
       day 02    Hot and Lazy

August 2002

       day 31    Three-Day Weekend
       day 29    Snoop Doggy Blog
       day 27    Whine whine whine
       day 22    Lunatic Running the Asylum
       day 21    Work.
       day 14    Meet Matthew
       day 14    Muppets!
       day 13    Sister Wendy Beckett
       day 13    Always the Professional
       day 13    Despair, Inc.
       day 12    Selling It On eBay
       day 12    The Smackdown is Coming On, Levon
       day 12    Holding Hands is Sweet
       day 10    Haircut Worries
       day 09    Bummed about My Wireless
       day 08    Fridge
       day 08    Why Am I Watching This?
       day 08    Foul Mood
       day 04    TV + Live Chat
       day 03    Invisalign
       day 03    Twisted Children's Book Titles
       day 02    Sharpeworld
       day 02    Me at Work Today...
       day 01    Meatclown
       day 01    Weird Dreams

July 2002

       day 31    Desire
       day 30    Consumerist
       day 30    Songs I Have Stuck In My Head Right Now
       day 30    Very First Blog Post EVER

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