September 03, 2004

regularly-scheduled programming shall resume soon...

I've been neglecting this site... and that's not to imply that there's any sort of audience to attend to or anything, but I always feel bad about it. I like to keep things up-to-date.

There've been lots of things on my plate lately - lots of stressors that just suck up any motivation to do regular, fun things - like go to the movies, or keep my house clean, or, well, administrate my web presence.

I signed into Movable Type and was a bit shocked by the vast numbers of comment spam. Yummy!

The big deal for me right now is that I'm moving. Not by choice, but by the force of City Government. I've been living in what I thought was a "legal" garage-conversion apartment for eight years now. Well, when ownership of the property was turned over late last year, info came to the surface that - whoops - whoever built this drab place never thought to get the proper permits.

This is all well and good. Whatever. I like it here, in Glendale, but I'm sort of stagnating in this place, so the move might even turn out good for me. The stressful part comes from the dealings with my landlords. Eck. There are laws governing protocol in this very situation - laws that my landlords either weren't aware of, or laws they just didn't want to admit were there.

But a visit to their attorney seemed to make it all better. I'm supposed to get a relocation assistance check from them no later than next Tuesday, so we'll see how that all turns out.

But where am I moving? Back in with my dad. It's all very exciting. In the seven or so years since my mother ran away with some guy she met over the internet, the home I grew up in has turned into the cast of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy's worst nightmare. The house reeks of cigarettes and dog and AXE deoderant spray.

In each room of the house, there are bong-water and other scary stains from a brief period in the home's history where my then 16-year-old brother was able to run rampant without any parental supervision (my dad was away on business, while my mother snuck away to frolic with her new "beau"), inviting all sorts of other young adults you wouldn't want your teenage child hanging out with over to study - oh no, wait - that's party 24 hours a fucking day.

But the stains have all been covered up with the most gaudy leftover red carpet from the Grammy Awards (don't ask) - red carpet which serves best to highlight all of the tan dog hair the family pet never seems to stop shedding.

So all kinds of thought and energy has been focused on how to make the room I'll be inhabiting, well, habitable. I'll be tearing up the carpet - that much is true. In lieu of rent I'll be siphoning money into home repairs - fixing the plumbing in what we refer to as the "big bathroom" so the men of the house don't need to trudge through my room at all hours of the night to take a dump in the "back bathroom", purchasing a replacement for the kitchen faucet which has long been in disrepair, maybe recarpeting the entire house (we'll see).

Stressor B: The new car. The new MINI Cooper. (Sigh.) I want to take delivery on my hypothetical car somewhere around December, and right now's the time to order for such a date. I felt pretty good about the fact that a close family member works for a MINI dealership - thought that maybe I could swing a great deal for, oh, let's say, MSRP.

But oh no. Here in Southern California, dealers charge, as standard, what they call a "premium", and what I call a "ridiculous markup" of $3000 to $5000. And what sweet deal did they throw at me? $2000 over MSRP. I politely told them to "fuck off" (not in so many words) and, exasperated, told them I would take my business out-of-state, where I could easily land the car for MSRP.

But my family member who shall remain nameless is trying to help me out, trying to sway them, trying to make the car a reality for me. So, again, we'll see what happens.

What else - oh yeah - new job. Same place, but I'm now scheduling for a different department. Finished up training my replacement last week and started training with new co-scheduler this week. Let me just say that I don't like training people. I'm not a very good teacher. I'm rather impatient with the whole thing. But I really like learning new things, so I'm in trainee heaven.

So that's basically it. That's why my attentions have been diverted from discussing the new Apple iMac, or the far-from-stellar Open Water, or Björk's new album.

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