November 18, 2004

desperate lot

Knowing that I am merely weeks away from being united with my brand new MINI Cooper has made me c-c-cah-RAY-zay! It's become like a MAD TV skit that doesn't know when to end. I spend FAR too much time at work looking at the various MINI blogs, user forums, and news outlets. My co-workers and friends are all sick to death of my endless MINI-talk.I'm sick to death of my endless MINI-talk!

One would think I would have nothing else to think about with it: it's somewhere on its way, I have the financing and insurance pretty much square and I'm more than ready to take delivery on it - but noooo... not nearly enough. It's a strange psychological state to be in - this constant need of MINI-anything. If work weren't so damned slow right now, I might be able to wash the thoughts away for fifteen minutes or so.

It's pathetic really, how this car has encapsulated my entire being. I'm already planning a small set of modifications, looking up road trip destinations, and daydreaming about how cool it will be once I have the car in my possession.


I think I need professional help.

posted by julie at November 18, 2004 02:06 PM

things people have said

Good News: You will actually talk less about your MINI once you get it and the initial "Check out what ELSE it can do!" shizzle wears off.

Bad News: You will talk less about it for the same reason that you don't talk about your right ear much on a daily basis (substitute for a seldom-discussed appendage if you DO talk about your right ear on a daily basis...); your MINI will become a part of you. It will insinuate itself, quite subtly, into your every thought. Someone will mention a business trip to Texas and you'll start checking mileage. Raises will be measured, not in dollars/year, but in performance modifications/year. You MAY spend a holiday with your local MINI club instead of with your family (I have seen it happen...).

What I'm saying is: you think you need psychological help NOW? *grin*

so said: erik at November 19, 2004 07:48 AM

I just realized you're connected with Erik somehow. Is that because you're getting a MINI?

I'm still waiting to see more Lomo pics . . .

Can't wait to see your MINI also. What color, specs?
You gonna join SCMM?

so said: j/c at November 22, 2004 09:29 PM

yes, i have been lurking around erik's site for quite some time now. yes, i have a mini cooper s on order. it's arrival is imminent (however, i don't have an exact date yet - nor a production number, it's a weird situation)...

it's a 2005 MCS, Electric Blue/White Rood. Cordoba Beige Interior, DSC, MFSW, Front Fogs, Xenons, Sunroof, H/K, Auto-Dimming mirrors & Rain Sensors, white 16" x-lites.. hmmm. what else? I think that's it.

I will definitely be joining the SCMM once my MINI arrives.

so said: julie (me) at November 23, 2004 08:55 AM

indeed. the lurkee has become the lurker.

*lurk* *lurk*

so said: erik at November 23, 2004 04:07 PM

My neighbors and friends steer clear of the MINI subject and I have owned mine for 20 months.

I bought mine on Ebay and was flown by the owner to Florida, put up in a very nice resort hotel and given a Jag S to drive while they detailed my 2002 MCS ps/blk. The car had been a repossession. My drive from FL to Pasadena, Ca., was 2792 miles o gigglin' fun. I got up to 135 mph in one stretch near Needles but after my 1st maintenance at Assael in Monrovia the car will barely do 125 mph? The original owner had put all but heated seat & wipers on the car I have since added hood stripes. The mileage when I got the car was 3000 and I got the car for $21,500.

A word on Assael, if you do use them ask for Tim West he has been my Service guy since I ran through the rest of the lot. I have had nothing but hassles at this place and Tim tries his hardest to get my car fixed. My wife would not take her BMW there after they jerked her around on "WARRANTY " items as they have me with the MINI. They even screwed up selling her a new car so bad she bought a new Audi A4.

I wonder if SCMM is still a club within a club?

BTW........Love your site.

And Bob's your Uncle*********RB

so said: RB at November 24, 2004 07:32 AM

thanks for the kind words about the site, RB, AND the word of advice about Assael. It appears I am going through Alexander MINI for the time being. We'll see how that all goes.

BTW - your buying experience sounds like a dream!

so said: julie (me) at November 24, 2004 09:28 AM


The drive back was so cool. I had owned a Toyota 4Runner before, all my friends said I'd be sorry. Ha, I never looked back and they are stuck with huge SUV's and their gas consumption. If I want to take the toys to Baja I can rent a motorhome.

I used to work in the Motion Picture industry, your job title sounds like you do, plus your website looks like you have had design schooling. My wife works for Paramount Pictures. I have my own graphic design company.

That ipod page was a hoot.



so said: RB at November 24, 2004 12:51 PM

Nope, no design schooling here. Yet I always thought I had missed my calling. I made the mistake of thinking you could only go to art school if you could draw. Oh well. I'm happy someone thinks the site looks okay.

I work at Universal, myself. Started there last year - like it a lot, actually.

so said: julie (me) at November 24, 2004 08:54 PM