March 02, 2005

modesty (don't ask)

This evening I went out to dinner with my good friend, Erik. We are all abuzz with excitement about our imminent trip to Las Vegas. We're pretty pathetic, both of us, continually referring to it randomly in the middle of sentences and such (or maybe that's just me). Anyways, this time tomorrow I will be buzzed on Red Bull & vodka and goodness knows what else and probably really, really tired.

I stopped by the local Rite-Aid to pick-up some travel size personal products for the little jaunt. While searching one of the aisles, a short older woman appeared behind me, holding up one of the available mirrors to her face and repeating "I'm growing a beard. Look, I'm growing a beard."

She mumbled this a number of times (this is extremely funny only to maybe me and another person, *cough*erik*cough*) while I attempted to maintain lack of eye-contact and proceed to the next aisle. I thought to myself, wickedly, "Geesh, poor woman, hanging out at a Rite Aid mumbling to herself" and continued on my merry way.

When I got to the checkstand I was behind a couple who was buying a package of Mentos (you know, The Freshmaker!). The girl working at the checkout had a single roll of Mentos and kept scanning it, over and over and over, with a distant look in her eyes. This continues for about a minute (count to 60 seconds, that is a LONG TIME to repeatedly scan a roll of Mentos, people!).


Then she moves on to the couple's lipstick. They inquire about the price. She says it's $7.99, they say it's lower. "Price check." Kill me. Then I see the bearded mumbly woman make her way up to the checkstand. She takes over the register... she's... she's... THE NIGHT MANAGER! I love going to large convenience stores at night. It's so much fun.

I returned home with big plans of packing and installing the shiny new 512MB of SODIMM ram in my iBook. I get my jeweler's screwdrivers together, make sure the lighting in my room is appropriate, power down my laptop and start opening it up.

Everything is going swimmingly until I get a gander at the RAM access panel, which is held in place by 2 small screws. One of the screws looks, well, scraggly. I shrug it off and go to task. The top screw comes off without incident. The bottom screw is not budging. I call my brother in for backup. He's unable to get it to unseat itself. We try different screwdrivers, we try holding the laptop at different angles, we try prayer.

Nothing proves effective (I knew there wasn't a god). In a huff, I screw the top screw back in, reseat my Airport card, and put the laptop back together. This is not good. I believe this 2nd screw has somehow been stripped. I don't know if it's a factory issue, or if it occurred by a technician who troubleshooted/fixed my logic board issue from earlier this year.

All I know is that I'm bringing this puppy into an Apple Store, opening it up at the Genius Bar and inquiring: See this screw? I can't get it to budge, can you?"... All the while I'll have my left hand behind my back, fingers crossed, hoping for the best.

But again, the good news is VEEGASSSSSSSSSSSS!!

posted by julie at March 2, 2005 11:20 PM

things people have said

Red Bull and Vodka..........hum explains a lot.

As Sgt Phil Esterhaus once said, " Let's be careful out there."

Y'all have fun, wish I was going but alas I don't have a staff to complete me work. Take lotz -o-pics.

so said: RB at March 3, 2005 06:42 AM

Now, now, RB - in accordance with full-disclosure, I must say: I drink merely once in a proverbial blue moon. I never really have occassion to drink, and when I go out I'm usually driving, which of course, means no drinking.

But when you're nights are spent in Vegas, where driving is really not necessary, wellll, thennnn, yeah, I'm going to dabble. ;)

Many pics wil be taken, fear not (now, the me-posting them part might be an issue!)

so said: julie (me) at March 3, 2005 08:51 AM

BTW...My comment was only meant in a kidding way. DABBLE AWAY! I sure as hell would, it goes with the LV territory.

Watch out for the BAD drivers and my old friend Ray Dar on 15.

But you take such nice pics.

so said: RB at March 3, 2005 11:35 AM