May 19, 2005



I feel like I can comfortably take a breath again. These past two weeks have been both so sucky and so filled with really awesome moments that I haven't really been capable of thinking straight.

Let's take a few moments to revisit/resolve some issues:

1) While the MINI Bumper Incident Of May 2005 will live in infamy, I'm almost officially over it. Amazing what a couple of days can do to ease that sort of gut-wrenching, panic-infused horror.

2) My back is feeling better. I'm certainly not back to 100% (was I ever?), but I'm back to around 75% of my usual physical abilities. The exercise ball is my #2 friend right now.

3) The road trip Erik and I have been so looking forward to (originally scheduled to begin this Saturday) has been postponed for myriad reasons. It's gonna happen soon, though - and when it does, we're gonna have SO MUCH FUN!

4) Erik is the coolest guy a girl could wish to hang out with. I'm pretty lucky to have him.

So yeah, that's it, pretty much. Work is good. I'm still waiting to hear about a certain promotion I've been aching for the past month, but all signs point to "Yes" on that. The new work I've taken on is a bit more challenging - lots more face time with all varieties of clientele mostly, and I'm a wee bit more involved in the technical speccing than I've been since I transferred to scheduling for a new department. I'm hoping this involvement will go deeper.

I'm really enjoying having my iPod at work. This original 1st gen 5GB iPod has been collecting dust for far too long. While you're certainly welcome to help me get a brand new 60GB iPod Photo, this one seems to be getting me through the days with a bit more sanity. I've been listening to a lot of The Postal Service, Pedro the Lion, Liz Phair (from the "Exile in Guyville" days), and Bloc Party.

What else? Oh, I managed to wipe the tears from my eyes long enough to watch most of that "Chaotic with Britney & Kevin" debacle on UPN Tuesday night. In an effort to refrain from spending too much brain-time on this horrible, horrible show, I will simply cut-and-paste from an email I sent to my friend, David:

oh my goodness. britney has Problems (with a capital "P"). i was hoping it would be so bad that it would be good - funny - something to laugh at. but it was even worse. painfully bad. my threshold for this type of thing, as you well know, is quite high - so for me to say this means a LOT. so, so bad. all her annoying mannerisms are presented over and over and over again. if i were forced to be around her, (which wouldn't be for very long, i'd imagine) i'd probably slap her repeatedly and tell her to get a freaking grip. "can you handle my truth?" the answer is a definitive "no".

Okay, back to it.

posted by julie at May 19, 2005 01:20 PM

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Julie now that you are feeling mostly better Brad and I will have to have you and Eric over for dinner on a weekend sometime. When you guys arrive at our house I will show you that the Ball is Nice but you will have to try the Bosu. It is a have ball and offers a even bigger stretch. Did you know in your comments, you can't use the word come.

so said: Karin at May 19, 2005 02:36 PM

WOW.........been on vacation....sorry to hear about and see the damage done to your MINI. Hope it all works out.

I spent one whole day removing the tinting from my front windows as a Butthead cop in Santa Barbara gave me a ticket. I asked him if maybe he had better things he could be doing? Like chasing all the panhandlers from the sidewalks in SB?! Didn't go over well.
The same tinting is legal in most states.

so said: RB at May 23, 2005 08:23 AM

RB, Don't get me started on the SB cops. For reals.

so said: Erik at May 24, 2005 05:20 PM