December 23, 2005

'tis the season to be productive?

Yesterday I decided to act upon a wild idea to put a proper desk area in my already-cramped bedroom. I used to frickin' love switching around the furniture in my childhood bedrooms, but having a queen-sized bedframe and an adult-sized bookshelf kinda inhibits that possibility. But I was going to throw off any notions of implausibility and just go for it.

The idea was to move my bed a foot in one direction, and stick the glass table I used as my desk at the old Glendale house in the corner, to keep my iMac and other computer stuff. My little brother, Matt, was more than happy to help, as I just bought him a new Mac Mini on Tuesday. Surprisingly, everything went really smooth - no dropped fragile objects or stubbed toes or frayed nerves were had by any involved in the mini-project.

Once my computer was safely perched and plugged into to all peripheral necessaries, I took a brief stretch to admire the newly-perceived roominess of the room, and then decided to start putting this iMac to good use.

I grabbed a box of my CD's from the dusty garage and started ripping them into iTunes. This is something I should have taken the time to do while I was four-months' unemployed back in the summer of '03, but whatever. There's something a little wiggy with the CD player in my iMac, so I had trouble getting some of the less-pristine discs ripped. No worries, popping them into my iBook did the trick just fine. The Airport wireless computer-to-computer network was all that was needed to get the files to where I wanted them.

After loading about a couple dozen new CD's in, I decided to try to tackle the iPhoto problem on my iBook. What's that problem, you ask? Not enough space! I have a measly 30GB or so available, in total, on the iBook, and I'm afraid, with the iTunes library and the iPhoto library, I've been hovering around 2GB for the last couple of months. I want to get out there and take more photos, and it's a little prohibitive what with not enough space. Getting the photos onto my iMac would alleviate a lot of my space concerns, for now, and would help centralize my shit.

The problem is that Apple hasn't made it easy to deal with different libraries. There's no easy way to merge two libraries into one, unfortunately, without the help of third-party apps. I'm a cheapskate about software, and I wasn't about to pay $20 for something I might wanna try to futz around with myself. Apple does provide the option of switching to a different library on startup of iPhoto (by holding down "Option" while launching). I decided this would work for now, as the iPhoto library on my iMac only consisted of about 100 photos - most of which were duplicates or scans from negatives I still have.

Now the task was getting 4333 photos to the iMac. A smarter person would have hooked the two computers up via Firewire, to expediate the process, but we all know I'm not a smarter person... and it would have meant hunting down a Firewire cable... and we also all know how intrinsically LAZY I am. A wireless connection would have to suffice.

It was cool, though, the six hour transfer was no biggie, 'cuz it was already super-late, and I was ready to hit the sack anyways. I woke up at 7am today and found the transfer had completed successfully, and the library switch worked perfectly. I am a happy camper.

Feeling so warm and fuzzy about not having to use my iBook for everything (I'm composing my post from the iBook, incidentally), and the new-found freedom of around 20GB of free space, I decided to continue loading in CD's this morning, while updating my iPod photo from the iMac, playing Mah Jong Solitaire, and listening to the fruits of my ripping-madness on iTunes. Yes, this is exactly the relaxing sort of morning I needed to start off my holiday break.

posted by julie at December 23, 2005 09:48 AM