February 13, 2006

weekends make my world go round

I was stoked on Friday, as I had picked up a DVD copy of the cable classic Beastmaster, and that night Erik and I were going to be able to watch it together. Huzzah! Nostalgia can be a fleeting thing, however, as I fell into a nice slumber a little over halfway through the film. I was still dazed by the disturbing imagery that had burned into my childhood memory from perhaps twenty or more viewing of the film as a young'un.

Saturday morning we rose early to meet Erik's parents and brother in Summerland for his birthday-celebratory breakfast at the Summerland Beach Cafe. There is nothing better than a hearty breakfast full of engaging conversation. I cannot even imagine my family gathered around a table, eating breakfast, and exchanging pleasantries on a Saturday morning. That's why I've decided I am stealing Erik's family and making them my own. I don't think he'll notice.

Saturday afternoon was spent having a Mars Movie Mini-Marathon, with viewings of both Mission To Mars and Red Planet. Erik and I concur that the latter is the superior of the two. And, when watching that film, I always like to imagine that Val Kilmer is simply playing the grown-up version of the character he played in Real Genius.

After a late lunch and a few hours of catching up on my necessary weekly intake of HGTV (no tv at home is a bitch! I need my Home and Garden Television!!!), we were invited over to a little gathering at one of Erik's friend's house to watch Galaxy Quest. Wait, I used the adjective "little" when referring to the gathering and that's just plain wrong. There were easily 14 or 15 people assembled into a roughly 120-sq. foot area. But don't get me wrong, I had a swell time cackling at a film I never really paid proper attention to before. My mistake.

My stomach was acting up by the time we decided to make our exit. Figuring it was due to not eating in about ten hours, it was remedied with a quick trip to Freeb!rds, Isla Vista's - and possibly the world's - best burrito joint. I am addicted, and I am not afraid to admit it.

I slept in late Sunday morning, and woke to the main title theme of the popular 80's children's cartoon, "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe". Erik had received the first volume DVD set from his parents, and we delighted in watching the first several episodes as the morning ran out. You know, my brother Kevin was the real He-Man fan when we were little kids, but hell, in retrospect it was probably a favorite of mine, too - and damn if it isn't still fun to watch, especially given the rampant opportunities for foul innuendo.

We stumbled out into the streets of Isla Vista a bit later, nearly starved, to grab lunch. Pop Tarts do not a good breakfast make. Erik opted for a Subway sandwich, I was forced by NATURE to again patronize Freeb!rds. It's not my fault! We returned and watched the popular documentary-of-a-joke, The Aristocrats. Pretty funny, though I haven't much to say about it apart from that, really.

We rounded out the weekend watching HGTV, because I have brainwashed Erik into thinking it contains good, entertaining programming. Bwa ha ha ha! Perhaps it's due to my advanced age/stage in life, but I cannot get enough of "House Hunters", or "reZoned", or "I Want That!", among the various other excellent programs the channel offers. /ad for HGTV

posted by julie at February 13, 2006 09:54 AM

things people have said

You know Red Planet was the first film Brad ever worked on, though it was the second film released to theaters. You would think that being the case I would have seen it but alas I have not. Wait you mean HDTV isn't quality entertainment, it is in our house. Oh and Pop Tarts do too make a good breakfast.

so said: Karin at February 13, 2006 01:55 PM

No no no no - not HDTV (high def), HGTV (home & garden TV)! And of COURSE it's quality entertainment - it's my favorite tv channel!! And Pop Tarts ARE yummy (the cherry ones are my fave), but they can't necessarily be construed as nutritional.

so said: julie at February 13, 2006 02:11 PM

oops I meant to type HGTV and just had a brain fart. I knew what you meant. I like the chocolate pop tarts, Though I haven't had them in ages. In truth I do rather enjoy our high def tv as well though.

so said: Karin at February 13, 2006 06:36 PM