April 04, 2006

marginally alive, not so well

Everything was fine on Saturday. Just splendid! Woke up early to go to a MINI-club breakfast in Malibu with Erik. Then we drove down to L.A. for a group trip to the Petersen Auto Museum on Wilshire. Then we stopped for lunch on the way back at California Pizza Kitchen. Then we got back to my house and watched some "French & Saunders" and some "Freaks & Geeks". Really, the day could not have gone any better.

Sunday morning my belly started making all these crazy noises. Shortly thereafter it decided to seize up, violently, every few minutes, leaving me writhing on my bed in pain. Erik, who was to leave in the midday to head back up to school, was instead left to watch over me. I tried Pepto-Bismol. No help at all. Might have even been a bad thing, 'cuz it sorta clogged me up. I had the diarrhea, and some severe stomach cramps, and an urge to just die.

My stomach was hella-loud, so we thought maybe Alka-Seltzer might help. Erik went out to the kitchen to grab some, and with my family's help, they gave him a packet and a glass of water. It wasn't until I have gulped it all down until we realized that it was Alka-Seltzer COLD medicine. No matter. Within a half-hour I was vomiting up that as well as everything in my stomach.

I thought it would be over. Throwing up always tends to make the stomach badness feel better, but oh, was I misled! Erik stayed with me as long as he possibly could, and took off for school later in the evening. I tried to sleep as much as I could. Sleeping was okay, I couldn't feel the pain while I was asleep.

I woke a few times during the night, and when waking up on Monday morning, I immediately felt the cramping grip my stomach. Not good. I called in sick to work, and asked my dad if he could call up his doctor (who at one time had been my doctor as well), and asked if he could make me an appointment, as I didn't want to make the 30-mile trip out to Toluca Lake to go to the health center I normally go to.

Amazingly, the doc said he'd see me that morning, and around 11am I trekked up to his office. I had to wait over an hour to see him, and - wouldn't you know it - the pain that had been making me want to die for the last day decided to quiet itself. No sign of it the entire appointment. But still, my stomach did not disappoint. It was quite loud, and the doc gave me some samples of an antacid medicine, and prescribed me medication for the pain, but noted I shouldn't fill it unless the pain continued.

He thought I had some sort of stomach virus that would just go away on its own. BUT. During the examination, he pushed on my gallbladder and it hurt. A lot. That worried him a bit, and he said if the pain didn't go away to come back, 'cuz he'd need to do an ultrasound in case I had any gall stones. Fun!

Anyhow, I thought I was going to be okay yesterday, but when I got home and made myself some chicken noodle soup, the pain started up again. I was woken up throughout the night by the pain, and was so tired and dehydrated and weak this morning that I decided again to call in sick. Not eating is the best way to not feel the pain, and yet I have to eat something. I've been rocking the saltine crackers today, highlighted with some 7-Up. I feel stronger, but the pain still shoots forward from time to time.

As stressful as work is right now, I REALLY don't like missing it by being sick. The idea of being in pain and having to call in again scares me. And it really shouldn't. So, I need to think about getting this pain med prescription filled and think about at what point I give the doc another call.

posted by julie at April 4, 2006 06:22 PM

things people have said

call the doctor, my Mom thought she had the flu until her gall bladder burst and she had to have emergency surgery. What does it hurt for him to check it and it be fine. I hope you feel better soon though. Get some rest.

so said: Karin at April 4, 2006 06:49 PM