March 12, 2007

Where Do I Start?

Folks who know me probably know about my obsessive-compulsive quirks. Maybe they're not simple quirks, perhaps they're full-blown DISORDER, but we don't really have to diagnose that here. I can do that myself on WebMD in the middle of the night while searching online for information on about four or five other topics at the same time and watching reruns of The Cosby Show on Nick at Nite. I don't have OCD, I just know how to multi-task!

So anyways, these little quirks of mine often lead me to, erm, over-think things. And what better excuse to obsess over-think than a life-altering move from sunny Southern California to the Pacific Northwest?? Even before Erik accepted (or was even offered) his position at Microsoft, I found myself ruminating over the variety of living options available to us. Now that he's signed on the virtual dotted line, my time spent online looking up possible lines of work for myself, and housing for the both of us has nearly become a full-time job.

In addition to being a bit obsessive about the whole thing, I have control issues which relegate me to near-panic when things aren't in order. It's what makes me a fine scheduler, I think: I'm always working on something until it's set. So when issues concering our relocation weren't concrete enough for my tastes in my timeframe (now now now!), I bullied my poor, harried boyfriend into pursuing the info with his MS contacts.

I guess it's good that I did, because in order to secure our potential move date in mid-July, the moving company wants all kinds of info from us about all our junk belongings, like, now. They want to come by my house and do a pre-move survey as early as April. To accomplish this, Erik is going to need to spend his spring break sifting through and re-boxing up the items at his house and bring them all over to my house, as the moving company won't pickup from two locales. And of course I need to go through all of the stuff I have in various states of disarray both in my room, and in probably-deadly-spider-infested boxes in my dad's garage. Before April.

I guess it's good to have a kick in the butt like this - it might even make those weeks leading up to the move a little easier - but I have SO MUCH STUFF that I have no intention of bringing up with us to Seattle. The idea of going through everything is really, really intimidating. And the idea of actually getting rid of it is even more scary.

See, I have an unhealthy attachment to stuff. I have hundreds and hundreds of books, the same amount of DVDs and CDs, and all sorts of miscellaneous items I purchased thinking they would bring a sense of satisfaction to my life: a vast assortment of Fossil tins (like, 50 of them); never-worn concert t-shirts in size medium that will never, ever fit; a couple of guitars (one of which might even be collectible *shock*); and a small assortment of "edgy" plush toys (a vintage Grumpy carebear, Gir from Invader Zim, the old sockpuppet, Gizmo, Spongebob, and the MINI bulldog), among a bunch of other unnecessary stuff.

I have some large ticket items (a dusty treadmill, maybe one of the guitars) that I'm thinking about selling, a whole crapload of older electronics devices (a 1st gen 5gig iPod, anyone?) and their necessary cables, and a whole lot of old clothing. I need to get through all of this stuff and figure out what I'm going to trash, what I'm going to donate, what I'm going to sell (and how on Earth that is going to transpire), and what I'm going to keep.

Thankfully, I don't think I need to get this ALL done by April. Worst case scenario is that everything just stays in the boxes where it currently resides and maybe the movers anticipate taking a little more that what they actually do. But I need to start this week. And gosh, I don't even really know where to start. That's not really true - I tried to think it out and thought maybe I'd start with the old clothes. And I thought I might have come home tonight (while there's still a little light out) and started. But of course dinner and conversation and tax season-related drama intervened interfered, and I was unable to begin.

Maybe tomorrow night, eh?

posted by julie at March 12, 2007 09:12 PM