August 04, 2007

What a Week!

Wow. I feel so exhausted by this 2nd week up in Washington.

A few quick notes, just to keep everyone in the loop:

I got a job!
I've been interviewing at a game company for a project coordinator position since before I left Universal Studios. They brought me in on Tuesday for a final, in-person interview; and on Wednesday morning they called to offer me the position. I'm really ecstatic that I was able to find something that pays reasonably well (heck, if you use online cost-of-living calculators, I'm actually making a little more up here!), that is still in a creative environment, and is only two blocks away from where Erik will be working. Downside? Not a lot. They want me to start on August 13th, and that's coming up real soon. I hope that Erik and I can find a place by then... which leads me to...

We're officially apartment-hunting.
Sure, I've been looking at places to live up in Seattle since before Erik even took the Microsoft offer, but only yesterday did we actually start going out and seeing prospective places in person. It's exhausting. We waited until our 2nd week in so that we could see what the relocation company would come up with. We were given a sheet with 8 choices when the rental advisor picked us up yesterday morning, we toured through 5 of them, and found only one that really interested us. Then, after running some errands and doing some more of our own research, we went out to see another place, which we liked.

So, all-in-all, we saw two places that tugged at us, in some way. Place #1 was a tri-level townhouse in Bellevue with a huge 2-car (tandem) garage on the ground level. The 2nd level has a half bath, a boring (but roomy) kitchen, a roomy, tiled dining room area (open floor plan), and a step-down living room with fireplace. The living room is tiled, and has sort of a funky layout. Upstairs (Level 3) are two bedrooms with two bathrooms. The back one would be perfect as an office, and the front, which we would use as our master bedroom, has a weird ceiling and is painted a horrible periwinkle (they have no plans to repaint before we arrive). Oh, and off of the 2nd Level, off the kitchen in the back there is a small semi-private patio area with leads to a communal yard. We love, love, loved the tandem garage and the size of this place. Turn-offs were the tiled living room area, and the funky floorplan.

The 2nd place we saw yesterday evening. It's a brand-new, never-been-lived-in 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse right in the heart of Downtown Redmond (you could, technically, walk to the nice Town Center area) being rented out by a couple instead of a management company. This place is really cute, but a little cozy. The living room area is long, but a bit narrow, and length-wise, it opens up to a small 8' x 8.5" dining area which we're not sure would accommodate the sort of table we were looking to get. Actually, it probably could, but we're most concerned about the narrow width of the living room. Also on the ground floor there is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful kitchen. Not large (it's a galley-style), but it has granite countertops, really nice cabinets, and sparkly stainless steel appliances, Off the kitchen is a woefully small half-bath (it's basically a small closet with a toilet and sink, but it works!). On the 2nd floor are two bedrooms. They're not huge, but we think they'd fit our bedroom/office needs. There's also a full bathroom up there and a full size washer/dryer in its own closet (there's a w/d in the 1st place, too). We really thought this place was slick but we have two main concerns: 1) The place might just be a little too small with how we imagine our furniture layout might turn out. We stayed up until 1am trying to crunch the dimensions, and I'm still not sure we really came up with any good solutions. (Maybe we're over-thinking it?) And 2) They're only 1 reserved parking space. There are going to be open visitor spaces (they say something like 40), but there would be no guarantee that we would get them. It wouldn't be a problem now, as the place isn't fully sold yet, but it could get harder over the year as more people move in. It's rough, 'cuz I think we really liked this place.

But, we have more places lined up to see today. We have three so far, and I hope we can swing by a few other options as well. And then, oh yeah, we have to shop for furniture. We have a bed, so we're covered there, but we need to get, you know, a couch (and maybe a comfy chair), a place to set our tv and peripherals up, a dining room table and four to six chairs, a coffee table, maybe a dresser, and some bedside tables. And, you know, some lamps, some side tables for the living room, and all that stuff needed for the kitchen: pots, pans, plates, cutlery, glasses. See how this is overwhelming? We we out a few days ago to start our hunt, and the only thing we really found was a really comfy, nice-looking sofa/chair set at La-Z-Boy (but it's unfortunately on order and may not get here until 6-8 weeks), and that good, sturdy furniture is either a) really ugly or b) really expensive.

So much for that whole "quick notes" thing. Enough with the typing. I need to go wake up Erik and get us going. Wish us luck on our hunt - we need it!

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You could just get married and let everyone else buy the household/kitchen stuff for you! That's what I did! ;-)

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I had some grapes today and I thought of you.

so said: M at August 6, 2007 10:17 AM