September 13, 2007

And Now for the Bad News...

So I've been on here waxing poetic about how well our apartment is shaping up - well, I'm in a mood to relay some of the less-than-stellar aspects of our new place. Why? 'Cuz I just feel like complaining.

1) The spiders. Erik mentioned some problems he had with a spider or two on his blog a little while back. While I haven't bourne witness to the mutant spiders he suggests, I can state with all truth that there are ENTIRELY too many spiders hanging around our front door. And when I say "hanging around" I mean it! This morning I opened up the door and a large-ish spider was just above my head-level, and then decided to drop down to eye-level before slowly climbing back up its web. And then all I could see around me were ghastly spiders in their webs everywhere waiting to jump out at me as I exited. It makes me wanna go out there with the vacuum attachment tonight and just murder the entire lot of them.

2) The stench of smoke. I couldn't really tell from the start, but our apartment reeks of smoke. It was originally sort of masked by the new-carpet smell, but there was something else... and it turns out it's dirty, filthy, yucky smoke. We've done all the carpet deodorizing and have been running a Febreeze air filter around the rooms for the last two weeks, and while most of the place is starting to smell not-bad, there are a few areas where the smell seems to return en force (the bathrooms, the closet). Our clothes and bags now reek of smoke when we go to work. I'm thinking the old tenant smoked like a fucking chimney and that the tar residue is IN the walls and duct work. I can't even think of what it might smell like once we have to start using the heater. I mentioned this to the office staff this morning, and they're going to try to come up with some solutions - but from my own research,, I think we're stuck.

3) The break-in. This morning I noticed something hanging off of our single-car garage. When I pulled my car out and closed the garage behind me, I was able to tell that there was a lock on the garage that had been tampered with/drilled-out, etc. I called Erik from my cell as I was running late and told him to investigate. Yeah, someone went and vandalized the lock. We think it happened overnight, as I don't remember seeing it that way when I pulled in yesterday afternoon. I haven't gone and checked my car yet for any vandalism, but Erik said he doesn't think anything was taken from the garage (I'll have to check when I get home). We had a few boxes out there but nothing supremely precious (I hope). Turns out the neighbor's garage was vandalized as well, their keypad was torn off, meaning there was no way in for them. Sucks.

I think that's it for now. Everything else seems to be nice. I posted some new photos of the interior of our place to Flickr.

Update: Checked the garage - a box filled with my CDs has been nabbed, but they left the box of Christmas stuff, fortunately. It could've been worse, though. Our neighbor got his motorcycle stolen. Thieves are a-holes.

posted by julie at September 13, 2007 12:50 PM

things people have said

Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the stolen CD's, spiders and rotten cig smell, but your place looks awesome! Love the neutral colors and great choice of furniture! Congrats! :)

so said: Jen at September 14, 2007 01:06 PM

That sucks! Remember when someone broke into my public storage unit? some of my old dolls were a stolen, along with some papers. But they left the shoes. I'm thinking mine was a six year old girl with a knack for busting locks and punching holes in the wall. Yours... well it is Seattle.... and CD's? which albums? That could be a lead depending on what they decided to steal. At least you still have Christmas.

Did you file a police report... ?? just in case they decide to do it again. They will come out and finger print everything. Thieves suck a$$!!

so said: :) at September 15, 2007 06:52 PM

I stumbled across your blog accidentally while doing a search on cigarette odor - so I thought I'd share my good luck with cleaning up cig. smoke: after a jackazz smoked on my bed (I'm super allergic) I finally tried Vamoose as a last resort - and it worked.
Hope it helps!

so said: melissa at October 16, 2007 09:43 PM