December 02, 2004

my precious!

I understand that my obsession over my MINI has reached a new low. Or high. Whatever. And I've come to realize that if I'm not careful I might just turn from Smeagol into Gollum.

When it gets really bad, I find myself having internal arguments:

(Me) Gollum: It's been over fifteen minutes, you should call him!
(Me) Smeagol: I mustn't call him, he will call when he wants to call.
Gollum: No! Call! He TOLD you he'd call you back!
Smeagol: All in good time.
Gollum: Aaaarrggggh! My MINI... my PRECIOUS... it will never get here!
Smeagol: You LIE! It WILL! IT MUST!!!
Gollum: No, he hasn't called back - that means it hasn't been ordered - he is playing with you like a cat with a mouse!
Smeagol: Not listening. Not listening!

Gollum: The MINI will never come!
Smeagol: Oh, you'd LIKE that, now, wouldn't you? Then you could mope around for years, muttering how you were robbed of your dream car - No! It wil be here when it is ready! Off, you!

... And so on, and so forth.

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useless MINI update (and rant)

So the MINI salesguy is dicking me around, and I do not like to be toyed with in such a manner. He is consistent in only one thing: in telling me he's going to call on a certain day or by a certain time, and then totally NOT calling me within his timeframe.


I'm sitting here salivating over the imminent? probable? questionable arrival of my new 2005 Electric Blue MINI Cooper S, and this guy couldn't be bothered to throw me a frickin' bone. (Wow, the penis-innuendo is just flying in this rant, isn't it?) I was told the car was ordered TWO MONTHS AGO, with a promise of a production number for tracking within a week or so, and I still have no solid information.

At the beginning of November, I started to get listless about it and called. I was then told that the car was expected the third week of November. The week before the "third week of November", I shopped around for finance rates and got a very low rate approved and secured. Problem is: the financing deal expires if I don't take delivery by December 20th, and I would have to reapply. Those who know anything about credit scores and all that know that, when you shop around for rates, every time someone checks your credit report (at your request), you get a little ding on the report, thusly lowering your score. So my credit score is now LOWER than it was the day I applied for a loan, so who knows what kind of rate I'll get if I have to reapply.

PLUS! My Honda died at the beginning of November, and I've been either carpooling to work, or borrowing my brother's car to get around. It's not like I'm being overly-anxious for the sake of being overly-anxious. I DON'T HAVE A FREAKIN' CAR!!

So yesterday afternoon, I explain to the MINI-salesman my dilemma (about the not having a car thing, and needing SOME kind of concrete information), and he PROMISED me that he would find out some info for me, and call me before 6pm. This is hours AFTER he wouldn't take my call, explaining that he was "on the other line" with the other guy who HAS the information. What happened with that? Fucking liar.

Anyhow, 6pm came and went. No call. What a bastard! It's not like I'm BUYING A $25,000 FROM THEM OR ANYTHING! I guess my money is just no good.

Okay, that's it. I'm not going to stress anymore, I'm not going to worry about what I cannot control. But lemme tell you, this guy is going to get a stern call from me a little bit later on in the day.

UPDATE: 11:30am -- Just called the guy on his cellphone. He said he had forgot completely about it and apologized. Said he would call the other guy and call me back in fifteen minutes. I asked if there was some way I could call the other guy directly - and he responded in the negative, saying that that was a "no-no". Whatever... any bets on whether or not he'll actually call after fifteen minutes? Bah.

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