September 13, 2007

And Now for the Bad News...

So I've been on here waxing poetic about how well our apartment is shaping up - well, I'm in a mood to relay some of the less-than-stellar aspects of our new place. Why? 'Cuz I just feel like complaining.

1) The spiders. Erik mentioned some problems he had with a spider or two on his blog a little while back. While I haven't bourne witness to the mutant spiders he suggests, I can state with all truth that there are ENTIRELY too many spiders hanging around our front door. And when I say "hanging around" I mean it! This morning I opened up the door and a large-ish spider was just above my head-level, and then decided to drop down to eye-level before slowly climbing back up its web. And then all I could see around me were ghastly spiders in their webs everywhere waiting to jump out at me as I exited. It makes me wanna go out there with the vacuum attachment tonight and just murder the entire lot of them.

2) The stench of smoke. I couldn't really tell from the start, but our apartment reeks of smoke. It was originally sort of masked by the new-carpet smell, but there was something else... and it turns out it's dirty, filthy, yucky smoke. We've done all the carpet deodorizing and have been running a Febreeze air filter around the rooms for the last two weeks, and while most of the place is starting to smell not-bad, there are a few areas where the smell seems to return en force (the bathrooms, the closet). Our clothes and bags now reek of smoke when we go to work. I'm thinking the old tenant smoked like a fucking chimney and that the tar residue is IN the walls and duct work. I can't even think of what it might smell like once we have to start using the heater. I mentioned this to the office staff this morning, and they're going to try to come up with some solutions - but from my own research,, I think we're stuck.

3) The break-in. This morning I noticed something hanging off of our single-car garage. When I pulled my car out and closed the garage behind me, I was able to tell that there was a lock on the garage that had been tampered with/drilled-out, etc. I called Erik from my cell as I was running late and told him to investigate. Yeah, someone went and vandalized the lock. We think it happened overnight, as I don't remember seeing it that way when I pulled in yesterday afternoon. I haven't gone and checked my car yet for any vandalism, but Erik said he doesn't think anything was taken from the garage (I'll have to check when I get home). We had a few boxes out there but nothing supremely precious (I hope). Turns out the neighbor's garage was vandalized as well, their keypad was torn off, meaning there was no way in for them. Sucks.

I think that's it for now. Everything else seems to be nice. I posted some new photos of the interior of our place to Flickr.

Update: Checked the garage - a box filled with my CDs has been nabbed, but they left the box of Christmas stuff, fortunately. It could've been worse, though. Our neighbor got his motorcycle stolen. Thieves are a-holes.

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September 06, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah... Another Boring Move Update

Our abode is beginning to really take shape! We have only three more major pieces of furniture due to be delivered in the next couple of weeks (a dresser, some night stands, and a cushy chair for the living room). And then we'll be in the cleaning & accessorizing stages. Our office is, um, a little messy at the moment, but AMAZING.

Also, it's SO nice having a kitchen to ourselves. I've actually been *gulp* preparing dinner!!! It used to be take-out almost all the time for us on weekends, or eating my dad's dinners during the week, but now I can come home and make pasta, goulash (well, attempt to make it), or, what's becoming the common theme around here, a Mexican dinner of some sort (enchiladas, tacos, refried beans, white trash tostadas).

Let me be completely honest - cooking still intimidates the hell out of me! I bought and browned some ground beef the other day for the very first time and it was a frightening experience. But it's so nice not having to shell out money for lunch everyday, as I can make a sandwich before work, and the formerly-frequent trips to fast-food or sit-down eateries have nearly stopped altogether. Hurray for kitchens! And here's to learning to cook.

Well, I wanted to say more, but Erik's on his way home and I'm gonna start making some tacos for dinner and change the laundry. Ahhh, domestic bliss!

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August 08, 2007

Moving Along Towards Settlement

More is starting to take shape up here in Seattle. Erik and I finally decided on a place to live. It's a nice 1200 sq. ft. two-bedroom apartment unit under seven miles from where we both work. We're set to start our lease a week from tomorrow, but the moving company won't be delivering our stuff from storage until that following Monday, so the move will be a bit protracted (we, unfortunately, couldn't push the move-in day any further out).

In the meantime, we've been driving around, desperately, trying to find furnishings for our new place. We've purchased a really neat couch and overstuffed chair from La-Z-Boy, but we have no idea when it's due to arrive - could be three weeks, could be six. Ah, the wonders of 21st century order tracking! For the last few days we've been trying to find chairs that wouldn't clash too much with the dining table we liked. This evening we finally tracked down some good ones at Target, and that was a huge relief. The only others we found that I actually liked cost over $350 per chair! Furniture is expensive! Who knew?!?

Today we also found a coffee table with some smaller nesting tables (from Cost Plus World Market) that we both really like, and I think we've nailed down a tv stand (from Dania) and some desks/bookshelves (from Ikea) as well. So things in the home furnishings department are pretty good.

I start work next Monday, which doesn't give us a whole lot of time to get other things squared away. And on top of that, I have an introduction meeting with someone at a post facility tomorrow that was set up months ago that I completely forgot about. I wanted to cancel it, since I've already secured a job, but it's too late now, so it might be a tad awkward. And then this weekend we have a day squared away to head over to Bainbridge Island. We're going to visit with some of Erik's relatives up here and have dinner with them. It'll be nice to dine with some other people!

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August 04, 2007

What a Week!

Wow. I feel so exhausted by this 2nd week up in Washington.

A few quick notes, just to keep everyone in the loop:

I got a job!
I've been interviewing at a game company for a project coordinator position since before I left Universal Studios. They brought me in on Tuesday for a final, in-person interview; and on Wednesday morning they called to offer me the position. I'm really ecstatic that I was able to find something that pays reasonably well (heck, if you use online cost-of-living calculators, I'm actually making a little more up here!), that is still in a creative environment, and is only two blocks away from where Erik will be working. Downside? Not a lot. They want me to start on August 13th, and that's coming up real soon. I hope that Erik and I can find a place by then... which leads me to...

We're officially apartment-hunting.
Sure, I've been looking at places to live up in Seattle since before Erik even took the Microsoft offer, but only yesterday did we actually start going out and seeing prospective places in person. It's exhausting. We waited until our 2nd week in so that we could see what the relocation company would come up with. We were given a sheet with 8 choices when the rental advisor picked us up yesterday morning, we toured through 5 of them, and found only one that really interested us. Then, after running some errands and doing some more of our own research, we went out to see another place, which we liked.

So, all-in-all, we saw two places that tugged at us, in some way. Place #1 was a tri-level townhouse in Bellevue with a huge 2-car (tandem) garage on the ground level. The 2nd level has a half bath, a boring (but roomy) kitchen, a roomy, tiled dining room area (open floor plan), and a step-down living room with fireplace. The living room is tiled, and has sort of a funky layout. Upstairs (Level 3) are two bedrooms with two bathrooms. The back one would be perfect as an office, and the front, which we would use as our master bedroom, has a weird ceiling and is painted a horrible periwinkle (they have no plans to repaint before we arrive). Oh, and off of the 2nd Level, off the kitchen in the back there is a small semi-private patio area with leads to a communal yard. We love, love, loved the tandem garage and the size of this place. Turn-offs were the tiled living room area, and the funky floorplan.

The 2nd place we saw yesterday evening. It's a brand-new, never-been-lived-in 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse right in the heart of Downtown Redmond (you could, technically, walk to the nice Town Center area) being rented out by a couple instead of a management company. This place is really cute, but a little cozy. The living room area is long, but a bit narrow, and length-wise, it opens up to a small 8' x 8.5" dining area which we're not sure would accommodate the sort of table we were looking to get. Actually, it probably could, but we're most concerned about the narrow width of the living room. Also on the ground floor there is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful kitchen. Not large (it's a galley-style), but it has granite countertops, really nice cabinets, and sparkly stainless steel appliances, Off the kitchen is a woefully small half-bath (it's basically a small closet with a toilet and sink, but it works!). On the 2nd floor are two bedrooms. They're not huge, but we think they'd fit our bedroom/office needs. There's also a full bathroom up there and a full size washer/dryer in its own closet (there's a w/d in the 1st place, too). We really thought this place was slick but we have two main concerns: 1) The place might just be a little too small with how we imagine our furniture layout might turn out. We stayed up until 1am trying to crunch the dimensions, and I'm still not sure we really came up with any good solutions. (Maybe we're over-thinking it?) And 2) They're only 1 reserved parking space. There are going to be open visitor spaces (they say something like 40), but there would be no guarantee that we would get them. It wouldn't be a problem now, as the place isn't fully sold yet, but it could get harder over the year as more people move in. It's rough, 'cuz I think we really liked this place.

But, we have more places lined up to see today. We have three so far, and I hope we can swing by a few other options as well. And then, oh yeah, we have to shop for furniture. We have a bed, so we're covered there, but we need to get, you know, a couch (and maybe a comfy chair), a place to set our tv and peripherals up, a dining room table and four to six chairs, a coffee table, maybe a dresser, and some bedside tables. And, you know, some lamps, some side tables for the living room, and all that stuff needed for the kitchen: pots, pans, plates, cutlery, glasses. See how this is overwhelming? We we out a few days ago to start our hunt, and the only thing we really found was a really comfy, nice-looking sofa/chair set at La-Z-Boy (but it's unfortunately on order and may not get here until 6-8 weeks), and that good, sturdy furniture is either a) really ugly or b) really expensive.

So much for that whole "quick notes" thing. Enough with the typing. I need to go wake up Erik and get us going. Wish us luck on our hunt - we need it!

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June 27, 2007

Moving Update Number 7-Hundred-Something

Ouch! I just finished up a marathon filing extravaganza, and my shoulders and neck are both starting to flare up in pain. So I'll take a few minutes' break to let them relax.

It's getting REALLY close to moving day! Only 19 more days until the movers show up. And even closer to that is my last day at work - a mere 10 working days from now (July 11th). They've hired my replacement, though we don't yet know when she's going to start, so training has yet to begin. I've sent out emails to all my clients notifying them of my departure. The unexpected upswing to that is all the responses saying "No! Don't leave!" and wishing me luck and all that. It's a nice little ego boost.

Last night I walked around the neighborhood with my brother Matt to distribute notices of the moving date. We live on a small cul-de-sac, and if the moving company decides to send out a big semi truck, automobile traffic on the street could be... iffy. So I thought best to let everyone know in advance. We had a surprising tag-along on our little dusk meander... Kitty.

She popped into view as we were placing the notice on our right neighbor's door, running across their driveway. Matt and I then went back across our lawn and off to the houses left of us, and Kitty followed us to each door. We stopped at the door of the Ferbers (a friendly older couple, the father is a retired firefighter and mother is a retired school nurse - their daughter used to babysit me), who invited us in. Kitty stayed right outside and spent the next twenty minutes pacing back and forth in front of their door, meowing loudly.

It was comical, to say the least. She seemed... concerned about us. Then again, Kitty has always liked to be the "escort" when any of us sets out walking from the house. She's been known to even follow my brothers on their bikes and end up over a quarter mile away! But last night's display was very funny, and the neighbors certainly got a kick out of it too.

So the move is getting close. I'm trying to stay sane, and calm, and level-headed about it. It's hard! I have a few job leads that seem very promising, and a couple others that seem to have vanished into thin air. I was getting to a point where I was obsessing about the job thing. I'm a little less psychotic about it now. I've scaled back my job-hunting to only three alternating days per week instead of every hour on the hour 7 days a week. And now I'm only a wee-little bit worried about being able to make a monetary contribution to our "household" up there - a lot less worried than I've been over the past few months, anyways. I have a lot of money saved up, so that could buoy us in case my unemployment lasts too long - and I'm sure I'll find something good eventually.

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April 23, 2007

Losing It

As the countdown to our move slowly winds down, I find myself on the verge of losing it. And by "losing it" I mean going completely mad. I'm second-guessing almost everything. Minor problems are, in my stressed mind, turning into MAJOR EFFING DISASTERS for no good reason. Pains in my stomach are creeping back. I have perma-knots in my neck and shoulders, and overall I'm starting to get more muscle aches, especially in my lower back - an old problem spot that I don't need flaring up. On occasion I am filled with a sense of dread that's a little too hard to shake.

But yet, I am SO FRICKIN' EXCITED about the huge life change that I'm on the brink of that I can hardly contain myself when someone at work mentions it. I turn into a wide-eyed, giggly little kid talking about an upcoming trip to Disneyland. I feel like I'm a little kid and it's a few weeks before Christmas ALL THE TIME. That sense of wonder about what's going to happen, about what I have to look forward to, is totally helping to counterbalance The Crazy that has found itself a warm, safe home within me.

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April 10, 2007

The Countdown Has Begun

Last week I submitted my letter of resignation to my manager at Universal. Sure, it seems a bit early, being that I've indicated my last day will be on July 11th, but I had given several managers the heads-up beforehand, and they requested that I give "official" notice as soon as possible as hiring a replacement is a huge, bureaucratic undertaking that sometimes takes months. And they promised me they wouldn't "let me go" any earlier than I wanted.

Last Friday someone from the moving company came down to my house to do a pre-move survey. That seems a bit early, too, no? Well, Erik and I are going to be road-tripping up to Seattle, and we wanted to make reservations at various lodging up the coast. In order to do this, we need to get our move dates finalized. In order to do that, the movers need to figure out how much stuff we have. Hence, the ridiculously-early pre-move survey. If all goes according to our master plan, the packers will show up at my house bright and early on Monday, July 16th.

I have before alluded to my obsessive nature about things in general, and this whole relocation business sure has given me a lot to obsess over! Currently, I'm dealing with selling off some of my unwanted (though semi-valuable) things. I've already unloaded my treadmill (thank you, co-worker Megan!) and have a taker for both an old (and rare) Weezer concert tee and my almost-obsolete MiniDisc player/recorder.

Also, the job search is weighing on my mind. We've been in touch with Erik's recruiters in trying to align me with opportunities in my profession up there, but nothing solid has come of this route yet - I mean, it's not really in their job description to appease the worried girlfriend of a recruit they've already contracted! But something may come of it yet - I haven't lost hope! In the meantime, I've taken their advice and have been scanning the Microsoft careers site for positions with their on-site post production department. Tonight I came across a new listing that looks promising, and I submitted my resume. It will be interesting to see if that leads to anything.

That's pretty much what's going on now. The previous urge to inspect apartment listings on an hourly-basis has subsided a great deal. I think I've schooled myself quite deeply in the current rental housing market in Seattle's Greater Eastside area, so I can lay all that to rest for a couple of months... Who am I kidding? By the end of this week I'll probably be scanning through Craigslist again!

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April 02, 2007

All in a Tizzy

This weekend seemed to fly by. On Saturday I lounged around the house and watched the last two seasons of Six Feet Under. I used to watch the show religiously the first few seasons, but went without HBO towards the end So I missed all that final drama. Erik bought me the entire show (all 5 seasons!) this past Christmas, and I finally made the effort to catch up. And an effort it was! I didn't get to sleep on Sunday morning until around 4am.

About 8 hours later Erik and his parents showed up with all of his things from his Studio City house. We're keeping everything at my place so that the movers can come do their survey this Friday. And then it's only about 15 weeks until the move actually takes place. And boy, am I counting down those weeks!

As I had mentioned before, I'm selling off some of my stuff. I already have a taker for my treadmill, and there's someone interested in one of my guitars. The thing is, I don't think the person interested in the guitar is actually going to buy it. I've been looking online, trying to find it's fair market value, and I've come across something on eBay that i find particularly unnerving.

Let me begin my mentioning that my guitar is an original issue, first run Fender Jag-Stang, designed by Kurt Cobain. I bought it in 1995, back when I was a huge fan of Nirvana. I saved up for months to buy it, and thought I would keep it forever as a tribute to him - heck, I didn't even play it more than a few times, lightly, before buying another guitar to actually practice on. So it's been sitting in its case for over the last ten years. Now with this move, and my priorities in an entirely different place, it's only a little sad to be parting with it.

So I'm seeing all these listings on eBay advertising to sell "1st run! Original issue!" Fender Jag-Stangs. That's all fine and good, but they're misrepresenting the guitars as the very first batch that came out, when in fact they have slightly later serial numbers. This is all fine and good, as well, because anybody can look on the Fender website's guitar dating page to verify the guitar's vintage - but here's what I have a problem with: Some listers are stating that the "original", "first run" guitars all came with two stickers affixed to the guitars, which marks them as original - one being a "Designed by Kurt Cobain" sticker, and the other being a "Fender 60th Anniversary" sticker. Not true!

Mine came with neither stickers. It came with a paper tag that read "Designed by Kurt Cobain" on it, but no sticker - and it certainly didn't come with a "Fender 50th Anniversary" sticker, as that anniversary was not until 1996, not 1995. In fact, the 2nd guitar I bought, a Fender Mustang, which I purchased that next year, came with one of those stickers. So why am I mad? Well, these listers are stating something as fact, and putting out false information that would-be purchasers will soak up. And this is bad because I want to sell and get a good price for my guitar, but when I go to sell it, this might make it harder for me. I mean, the first guy who was interested in my guitar even asked if it had all its original stickers, and I had to point out that my guitar had no stickers... who knows, he probably doesn't believe me. Ugh, ya know? Just ugh.

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March 30, 2007

What Boredom Brings

Things at work have been picking up during the month of March - which is great because February was a bit stark. Even though the orders have been streaming in, I always get to a point where all the received orders have been placed, and all my billing has been processed, and I'm left to my own devices until someone needs something. This is, currently, a not-so-great situation for me. Why? Because it puts my focus back on the largest thing in my life right now: the summer relocation to Seattle.

You might say "Don't worry about it! You're still several months away!" But my mind doesn't operate like that. Some with a marketing-bent might call it a detail-oriented personality, but most would call it obsession. Big questions like Where are we going to live? and Where am I going to find work? and How much money can I expect to make? pop into my head, and I find myself searching in vain for listings that I'm powerless to act on right now. It makes for that unsettling feeling of not being on terra firma, and when it comes to my personal and professional future, I find that difficult to deal with.

I've sent out a few cold emails to some facilities of interest, sent my resume out to a contact supplied by someone from Microsoft (the contact has since not gotten back to me), and even responded to a Craigslist job posting that I thought I would be great for... in August... that will go over well with their hiring department!

And on the residence front, I've already begun scouting out potential apartment complexes and neighborhoods, trying to get a feel for where we might like to live and what we might expect to pay in those places. Heck, I've even contacted other bloggers who were in a similar situation (relocated to Seattle to work at Microsoft and eventually settled in one of the complexes I'm interested in), seeking advice and recommendations. Before we can find that permanent place to inhabit, however, we'll need to know how much we can afford, and to do that, we'll need to know how much I'll be bringing to the table (Erik's income is already a known quantity). We've drawn up a budget spreadsheet with a variety of potentialities for my income, and at least I know that I won't need to achieve the impossible (making a wage equal to that I'm making now, harrumph) to be able to live nicely and still be able to sack away a good amount of savings for future housebuying...

...Oh, I could go on... But can you see why I need to keep myself occupied busily by other things? All of this wondering and worrying and what-ifs are not really helping any. I think Erik and I both have prepared ourselves for a lot of what's ahead of us - I've even over-prepared - but I need to work on letting it go. I'm just not there yet.

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March 19, 2007

Yes, I'm Still Sore

So I think I'm just about done with packing. Hurray! I managed to make a complete disaster-area of my already-messy room in the process of packing, but fortunately I found some time before heading out to dinner with Erik last night to clean most of it up. Thank goodness. It was disgusting!

I'm at work today, and I don't plan on revisiting the activity of boxing anything up again until maybe Friday. I have planned on taking two vacation days this week, on Thursday and Friday, to take care of various personal administrative activities: I have a dentist appointment (always fun!), I need to drop by the Social Security office to request a new card (lost the original one ages ago), I need to make a few phone calls to my health/pension company to discuss my situation, and I need to phone my auto loan company to find out about getting paperwork for when I have to register my MINI in Washington.

Oh, and originally I had also planned to do some packing, but I did so much this last weekend that I hardly have anything else to do! We've run out of trash-can space for this week, so I'll be able to toss some old VHS tapes this weekend, and that's about it. I guess I could use the weekend to take photos of the stuff I need to sell and come up with accurate descriptions and figure out what I'd like to sell them for, price-wise.

Frankly, I'm not looking forward to the selling aspect to the whole move thing. I nixed the idea of a garage sale pretty recently because I've become absolutely convinced that it's just too much a pain in the ass. I figure the first thing I'll do is list some items on Craigslist. If that doesn't work I guess I'll try the eBay route (ugh). And if even that doesn't work I'll either donate the items, keep them, or throw them away. Though I don't know how easily I'll be able to toss the treadmill. Have I mentioned that I have a treadmill for sale? :)

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March 18, 2007

Oh, The Soreness!

It's Day 2 of my Packing Bonanza, and the end is in sight! Last night I made the brief mistake of lying down to relax, and by the time I was called for dinner I had gotten so stiff that getting up out of bed and walking out felt a lot like the pain I experienced when I had those slipped lumbar disks almost two years ago.

Thankfully, I was able to walk it off, and this morning I woke up with mere sore muscles. Sore leg muscles, sore arm muscles, sore butt muscles! But yet I still got up and went back out to the garage to continue packing. I've only got two to three more boxes to go through out in the garage. Most of it is throwaway - old movies I taped onto VHS and things like that. I've started to pack up my books, as well. Why the hell not, right?

This is a completely-relieving venture because I was planning on needing two weeks before the move to go through everything. I had planned to have June 29th be my last real day of work, and use those two weeks between then and July 13th as "vacation time" from work - allowing me to utilize (and be paid for) my leftover vacation time while still having time to pack. But since we're doing so much beforehand, I might be able to work later, putting more income into my pocket. This is very good because who KNOWS what I'll have lined up for work up there. It very-well could be nothing, and that's pretty scary.

Well, I think I'm going to go grab some lunch and then get back to working. I'm really feeling proud of myself right now. I can't believe how fast the pack has been going!

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March 17, 2007

Oh, The Sweating!

I guess the theme on Lack of today is giving my microscopic audience play by plays of the packing extravaganza. Have I mentioned yet that we're not even moving until July? Seems a little early, huh? I guess so, but the movers require coming down for a survey of all our stuff months before the move date. The motivation is here, now, so I need to act on it!

I'm feeling really good about things now. The boxes are really getting used, though! I have seven boxes just of DVDs! I'm afraid to get started on the books. I still have a good number of old boxes full of books out there, as well as a bookshelf full of them here in my room. I'm guessing 25-30 of these storage boxes just for all these damned books. I don't have that many boxes left!

So yeah, stuff I need to get rid of... well, I have a number of good-condition store-bought VHS that I can part with, as I've replaced them with DVD versions. It seems silly to toss those. I was thinking of listing them as a set on Craigslist or something. If no takers, I guess I'll just drop them off at Goodwill or something.

And I have my Canon G3 digital camera. It was my first digital camera, a 4.0 megapixel, and I got a number of really cool shots with it. I'm almost tempted to keep it. If anyone reading this thinks they can get some enjoyment with it, then I think I can be persuaded to sacrifice it and only have six cameras in my collection.

And yeah, I have that treadmill that I got a few years ago and never used a whole lot. It's a ProForm 520x, it folds up for easy storage, has an incline setting, I believe you can even download special programs for it off the net ( I bought it for a bit over $600 a few years ago, and I'm seeing them selling for about $350 on eBay, but if any of my friends are interested, you could get it for a steal! Anyone interested? The sooner I can get this thing outta here, the better!

Urgh, I can feel my back tightening up. Does that mean I should stop? Or get away from the computer and get back to it? Hmmm.

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Packing - No, Wait - Tossing

This morning I began the arduous task of going through some old dusty boxes that are piled up in my dad's garage. I know that there's a lot of junk in there that I don't need to bring with me when we move, so I wanted to start whittling everything down. Part of the cool thing about moving to a new part of the country is the idea of starting fresh - and I don't want all kinds of old crap littering our apartment.

My dad is going to donate a bunch of stuff to Goodwill on Monday, so I've been getting a pile of stuff ready for him. As for everything else, I'm really not feeling the whole garage sale thing, so a lot of stuff is getting tossed. In my head, I think that maybe someone somewhere would want what I'm throwing away, but that's an unreasonable thought-process, for sure. So I'm repressing it as much as possible and just putting it in the garbage.

I'm hoping it will be cathartic. Right now it's really not. But I think it will feel really good to have a more organize set of stacked boxes (oh, I went on a quick Staples run to get some foldable, lidded storage boxes - they're kinda small, but will look much nicer than the crappy, disintegrating boxes I'm dealing with unloading).

*Sigh* I guess I'd better get back to it.

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March 12, 2007

Where Do I Start?

Folks who know me probably know about my obsessive-compulsive quirks. Maybe they're not simple quirks, perhaps they're full-blown DISORDER, but we don't really have to diagnose that here. I can do that myself on WebMD in the middle of the night while searching online for information on about four or five other topics at the same time and watching reruns of The Cosby Show on Nick at Nite. I don't have OCD, I just know how to multi-task!

So anyways, these little quirks of mine often lead me to, erm, over-think things. And what better excuse to obsess over-think than a life-altering move from sunny Southern California to the Pacific Northwest?? Even before Erik accepted (or was even offered) his position at Microsoft, I found myself ruminating over the variety of living options available to us. Now that he's signed on the virtual dotted line, my time spent online looking up possible lines of work for myself, and housing for the both of us has nearly become a full-time job.

In addition to being a bit obsessive about the whole thing, I have control issues which relegate me to near-panic when things aren't in order. It's what makes me a fine scheduler, I think: I'm always working on something until it's set. So when issues concering our relocation weren't concrete enough for my tastes in my timeframe (now now now!), I bullied my poor, harried boyfriend into pursuing the info with his MS contacts.

I guess it's good that I did, because in order to secure our potential move date in mid-July, the moving company wants all kinds of info from us about all our junk belongings, like, now. They want to come by my house and do a pre-move survey as early as April. To accomplish this, Erik is going to need to spend his spring break sifting through and re-boxing up the items at his house and bring them all over to my house, as the moving company won't pickup from two locales. And of course I need to go through all of the stuff I have in various states of disarray both in my room, and in probably-deadly-spider-infested boxes in my dad's garage. Before April.

I guess it's good to have a kick in the butt like this - it might even make those weeks leading up to the move a little easier - but I have SO MUCH STUFF that I have no intention of bringing up with us to Seattle. The idea of going through everything is really, really intimidating. And the idea of actually getting rid of it is even more scary.

See, I have an unhealthy attachment to stuff. I have hundreds and hundreds of books, the same amount of DVDs and CDs, and all sorts of miscellaneous items I purchased thinking they would bring a sense of satisfaction to my life: a vast assortment of Fossil tins (like, 50 of them); never-worn concert t-shirts in size medium that will never, ever fit; a couple of guitars (one of which might even be collectible *shock*); and a small assortment of "edgy" plush toys (a vintage Grumpy carebear, Gir from Invader Zim, the old sockpuppet, Gizmo, Spongebob, and the MINI bulldog), among a bunch of other unnecessary stuff.

I have some large ticket items (a dusty treadmill, maybe one of the guitars) that I'm thinking about selling, a whole crapload of older electronics devices (a 1st gen 5gig iPod, anyone?) and their necessary cables, and a whole lot of old clothing. I need to get through all of this stuff and figure out what I'm going to trash, what I'm going to donate, what I'm going to sell (and how on Earth that is going to transpire), and what I'm going to keep.

Thankfully, I don't think I need to get this ALL done by April. Worst case scenario is that everything just stays in the boxes where it currently resides and maybe the movers anticipate taking a little more that what they actually do. But I need to start this week. And gosh, I don't even really know where to start. That's not really true - I tried to think it out and thought maybe I'd start with the old clothes. And I thought I might have come home tonight (while there's still a little light out) and started. But of course dinner and conversation and tax season-related drama intervened interfered, and I was unable to begin.

Maybe tomorrow night, eh?

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March 07, 2007

Little Voice and Big News

I had mentioned that I had sort of respiratory distress last time I posted. Well, it turned into a really yucky bout of bronchitis, causing me to leave work early last Monday, and stay in bed three days after that. Out of misplaced-guilt of some sort (or fear of losing my job), I went in sick on Friday, and then convalesced at Erik's place over the weekend. Videogame-playing all day is fun, don't get me wrong, but it might not be the best for a chest infection. The gaming made my heart beat faster, which made me breathe faster, which made me cough more. I'm a genius!

I felt a bit human again on Sunday night and went to the doctor on Monday and had a chest x-ray. No pneumonia or lung cancer (I'm living with a family member who smokes a LOT, I have reason for concern!), but I was prescribed an inhaler to help with ASTHMA and, curiously, some strong allergy medication. Whatever is going on, it's working, because as each day passes I feel better and better.

One fun thing that's started this afternoon is I'M LOSING MY VOICE!! Sure, my voice got deep and somewhat-raspy this past week (my Demi Moore voice!), but today my voice is cracking and intermittently disappearing. I had to have a work-related conversation with a fairly-recognizable actress, and felt like a complete dolt because my voice was obviously failing. Now I'm trying to do all of my work via email, as talking on the phone is just too embarrassing.

But you didn't read this to find out about my lack of voice (dot com!), you want to hear what this "Big News" business is all about. I think I can now safely announce that Erik will be moving up to Seattle this summer, as he has accepted a position as a software developer for Microsoft - and I will be tagging along. I don't yet know what I'm going to do when I get up there, but at this point in my career (and life), I welcome the adventure.

The big change is why I haven't been posting as much lately. My thoughts have pretty much been dominated by the idea of moving, changing jobs, changing state citizenship, moving in with Erik, etc. - making devoting thought to anything else (other than work) nearly impossible. But I'm glad to finally be able to announce it to all my friends online.

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