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baby's first check-up

Today we loaded Zip into the backseat of Julie's MINI and drove down to Bellevue for his first vet check up (first with us, at least). Our appointment was with Dr. Chan at Companion Animal Hospital. Zip was a little antsy from the car ride, but that was nothing compared to a building full of strange cat and dog smells. Rather than risk an 'incident' we picked up him and cradled him until we were called into the examination room. Everyone was oooing and ahhing about how cute Zippy is (not that we were surprised).

Other than being a little nervous, Zip was really good during the exam. He got poked and prodded but was an angel to Dr Chan. Sure, he wanted nothing more than to get out and "play with" some cats, but he was still really good.

By the time we got him home he was super tired and took a long nap on our bed, with the occasional stretch and grunt thrown in, for good measure.