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Photo Roundup from Week 1

Zippy's had a big first week here at his new home! Here are some photo highlights of his first week.

Zippy settling in comfortably

Zippy has really gotten himself comfortable in our home in what we think is great time. His first few days he was a little shaky and a little stiff with us, but now he's quite relaxed with us.

Poor Baby!

Unfortunately, one of us cannot be with him all day on the weekdays, so Zip's having to get used to being in a crate. The first couple days were hard - heartbreaking for us, actually - but we've setup a private webcam so we can watch how he's progressing while we're at work. Over the course of only a couple days, he's really gotten to be a lot more relaxed... at least until the upstairs neighbors start making a bunch of noise midday! We hope he'll get used to them as we have.

Zippy's First Bath (with us, anyways)

Drying off was pretty fun, too!

Post-Bath Blankie Time

More relaxation

Did I mention Zippy was settling in just fine? Yeah, hee hee.

Can I Come Up???

Zippy loves to sit on our laps when we're sitting at our computers, or on our couches... pretty much anywhere!

The Look of Love

I think the one just above is my favorite picture yet. Zip is just such a loving little doggie. He's loves to snuggle.

One fun little ritual we've found Zippy has is his "morning routine". Zippy sleeps with us at night, curling up between me and Erik all night long. In the morning, when we're first waking him up he rolls onto his back, paws in the air, and wriggles around for us to rub his belly. His mouth opens up (what might be referred to as a "bitey face") and he makes little playful moaning sounds. He does this until we finally get up, and then he races to go out for his morning walk with Erik. It's really the most wonderful thing, having such fun cuddle time with him in the morning. he always seems in such high spirits!


In my defense, the bizarre face I'm making in the "drying off" photo is a direct result of how squirrelly Zip was being. He really seems to like being dried with a towel, but it gets him kind of amped up and he starts wiggling around more than usual.

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