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The Evaluation

Today I took off of work early to go fetch Zippy from home and drive him over to nearby Issaquah for his very first meeting with a trainer from a place called Riverdog. Zippy has a few issues that we all need to work through to make him even more comfortable in our home and on his walks, and our vet recommended this place highly. Also, I just found out today that two of my co-workers took their doggies to Riverdog, and they both rated the experience as "Awesome".

Zippy not only got a car ride out of the deal, but he also had the chance to freak out while seeing other dogs through a glass door for about an hour :) We didn't get a chance to tour their entire facility, but we chatted with a trainer at length about Zippy and us and the few things we'd like to work on with him (freaking out while out on walks whenever he sees another dog, and then just basic obedience to give him some fun mental stimulation).

The trainer recommended either some private training (Zip MIGHT not be ready for the regular group classes yet), or a special program they have there called Training C.A.M.P. That's where we would drop off Zippy every day while we're at work for a couple of weeks where he would get one-on-one training, a variety of fun activities and stimulation throughout the day, a chance for carefully-supervised play with other doggies (if he plays nice!), and some restful crate time and nourishing food time. It's like a super-fun doggie daycare, but with the added benefit of a professional trainer working with him on conditioning and some very basic obedience (plus, we get training too for an hour every week with him!).

We're giving some serious thought to both options (both C.A.M.P. and private training), and hopefully we can find a way for Zippy to work through some of his "issues". Once we can establish a) what his behaviors are, and b) how to successfully manage those behaviors, Zippy's going to feel a lot more confident with us (we hope!).

Your gift for reading through this post are several fun photos of Zippy on his ride to Riverdog!


Zippy looks very handsome!
He is looking younger by the day! I am so amazed and so happy about you coming into Zippy's Life it makes me cry, tears of joy, of course!
You two are exactly what Zippy needed for the rest of his life, two very devoted parents.
I want to Thank You so much for the time and effort you have put forth with my beloved Zippity!
This is a story of Happiness, that makes this all worth what I do!
Zippity's life before me was not a good life. I thought, I made him a happy life, but with what you are doing for him he has already gone to Doggy heaven.

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