July 11, 2008

Supervising the Move

One of the reasons that Zippy's blog hasn't been getting its due attention is that we have been in the process of finding a new house. Today I'm packing things while Zippy watches:

The Supervisor

It's been stressful for us all, including Zippy, but once he gets comfortable in his new backyard I think that he'll forgive us for the craziness.

March 17, 2008

Working Dog

On Friday, Zippy accompanied me to work for a few hours to share his cuteness with the entire office. And he handled it very well! He had no accidents, charmed everyone. He was so excited to explore everyone and everything - and just hated when I had to keep him keep him in my cubicle when exciting sounds were happening all around the building. Especially because there was construction going on down the hall.

It was almost too much for him to take, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind going to work again! Below are a few photos from the day. Also, while Erik and Zippy were playing on the couch, I broke out my litle camera and got some lo-fi video footage of them. Stay tuned for more video (hopefully better quality when we use a proper videocamera!). Anyways, photos and video below!

Zippy on the Lookout -Zippy scouted for my boss while I surfed the net for fancy doggie clothes... not really.

"Can We Go Home Now?" - I know Zippy, I feel your pain!

Hey! No Sleeping On the Job! - Zippy was totally tuckered out by all the exciting new people & carpet to sniff.